As improbable as it may seem, and as difficult and painful as it will be for scientists and skeptics to accept, it appears that Billy Meier viewed a super-advanced, 3-D version of the kind of touch screen technology now available in its infancy on Earth…in 1982.

In Contact 166, March 11, 1982, Meier is aboard Quetzal’s ship and is viewing a so-called planetary alignment through this amazing viewing screen. Other information pertaining to the alignment is given in the contact, as well as about other discoveries that our scientists would be making about Earth’s orbit around the sun, the four seasons, inter-stellar and inter-galactic distances, etc.

Fortunately, our scientists are protected from sudden shocks, strokes and ego demolition by carefully avoiding reading the Meier material. It also helps to keep them safe from derision and more likely to be able to attain, and keep, funding for their own projects. It’s nice how that works, isn’t it?

As for the skeptics, can we agree that it’s beyond unlikely that Meier had any access – in the pre-internet age – as well as any reason to be thinking about highly advanced versions of multi-touch technology early in the same year that it was just being developed?

Of course, neither Apple nor Microsoft have 3-D touch screen technology yet.

Please, be careful and don’t bang your heads against hard surfaces.

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