As Billy Meier Predicted – in 1987 – and Happening before Our Very Eyes

In 1987, the Plejaren the gave the Henoch Prophecies to Billy Meier. Among other things, they foretold the destruction of the WTC by terrorists*. They also foretold military movements and attacks that would be launched by Russia from Arkhangelsk and that would eventually include attacks on the U.S. and Canada.

We have published some of this information before and, in as the time fulfills, Meier explains more about the involvement of several countries in their quest to control resources in the Polar Regions. Now, recent articles show further developments, the significance of which is not yet perceived, or underestimated, by those unfamiliar with the Henoch Prophecies of course:

Russia ‘consecrates’ North Pole to reassert ownership

Russia and Canada Gear Up for Arctic Non-War

Race Is On as Ice Melt Reveals Arctic Treasures

as the time fulfills contains a 22-minute long segment of over 50 examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, verifiably published long before so-called “official discovery”. Get an instant download of the film now and save both time and money.

You can also now get The Silent Revolution of Truth with Spanish subtitles as La Revolución Silenciosa de la Verdad.


*Thoughtful people will understand that the fulfillment of the events foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, which have occurred since their verifiable publication, prove that the WTC information was published at the same time…14 years before the attacks.

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  1. Hey all,

    Does Billy tell if there’s any chance for a good future for earth and mankind after the ww3, which most likely is inevitable now… Or is it at the same the end of the world?

    1. WW III is still not inevitable – unless people, unless each individual gives up and fails to contribute their focused thoughts, feelings and actions in a positive direction. The future of our world is still up to us and it truly is up to each individual to create and contribute to the kind of world they/we prefer. This utilization of the might of thoughts is EXACTLY what the powers that be, the major religions and maniacal “world leaders”, etc. DON’T want people to know is within their control.

  2. No one really knows what a human being can do with the powers of thoughts and feelings that can cause an effect. Everybody has a spiritform and a conciousness awareness that are the building blocks or foundation stones or moleclues to change things to the good.

  3. Someone with a true understanding of the laws and commandments whelds the might of nature it’s self… Each and every event in life gives an opportunity to honor creation… Everything in life is a polarity so beautiful things can occur even with a negative event once resolution has been strived for and resolved… Irregardless of future events I am optimistic… Degenerate thinking does not allow us to deal with reality.. The reality is that humanity has been living in untruth for far too long and will have to deal with reality… Like a frog on a stove.. By the time the frog realizes the situation it is in it is too late… The reality is that this world is beautiful we only need to make the proper determinations to preserve and keep it this way… You may find my assertion odd but in truth I do not put my faith on the perishable I put my faith on the timeless.. And the truth and reality it brings. Thank you Michael… For all you do friend

  4. At least the prophesies don’t have to end up being a prediction. Unfortunately as with the comet, often times scientist will ignore the warning.

    With this said, I’m actually watching a video Michael, about Nasa talking about a Meteor coming for Earth within 30 years. Problem is, depending on when the film was made, that could be 27 years now. Does Billy know which comet they are talking about?

    I’ll download and watch the movie as soon as I can get a card again.^_- I found the 2006 dvd very informative.

  5. Sarah,perhaps you are referring to the Apophis asteroid , which after passing by in 2029 will hit us in 2036. In the contact notes it was referred to at first as “Red Meteor”. The Plejaren are sure it will strike earth if left to it’s current course.

  6. dear Michael ,It has been my past present and future intention to be an advocate for the spiritual teachings here in Australia . Before , it was without the knowledge of Figu (meaning “i had no knowledge of Figu or Billy at the time”) I was visited many years ago before the computer age .
    An invitation to the spiritual teachings and to find my way to Figu and Billy Meier. Trust me , this was in NO way a Beamship from our terrestial planet !!!!!(1 witness testimonial ,alongside with over 100 clear photographic evidences from a different source(head of a baeuro of meteorology division that told me “not to go public for threat of incarceration from government control and ridicule) Not from this world i assure you !.Anyhow , I would like to visit the SSSC some day , just to visit and share / talk about the teachings . I have been advising people over the past 30 years on the overpopulation crisis , World Political proffiteering and greed etc etc etc . I have been laughed at upon trying to enlighten those that seemed interested at first .Sorry for not structuring all this here well……… i just have accomplished so much , and have had so many numerous experiences with the teachings i dont know what to say first . I could write a thousand pages here. I am unsure of weather or not i am maybe one of the persons here on earth to help humanity wake up . I’m sure if i meet with FIGU one day i will be recieved or expected to show up. I have the ability to predict certain events (but only negative) Plane crashes , Individuals injuries , Car fatalities , Etc etc etc but not at will . Just comes to me . Sometimes i feel ill before the event. I get a vision / symbolic images that i know will transpire with 100 percent accuracy.From in 10 mins time to 2 or 3 weeks. even though i may be a drop in the ocean , the ripple i make will spread to the shores.
    Anyhow .i can talk better than what i can type here . Michael , i would like to get together with you soon one day when i am able to . Im trying to juggle work and finances at the moment though , And my life has been a strain and arduous as has always been the case unfortunately. Salome Wayno Australia

  7. The unimaginable knowledge given to only those who dare to think/ use reason…… such a delicate dance for the billions in jeopardy. Truly a world in utter chaos!
    Yet, within this truth of our illogical spiritual being, lies the fruit of utter universal love and reason…. the time is now…. the time is fulfilling itself before our very eyes… I hope everyone is ready!

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