UPDATE: Two new developments, pertaining to both Russia’s military movements and climate change, can be found here and here*.

There is, and most likely will be, no shortage of reporting (and hand wringing) about Russia’s new military move into Ukraine.

So this is a brief blog to simply remind everyone of what is long foretold regarding Russia’s coming military expansion and aggression in the Henoch Prophecies published by Billy Meier.

So, perhaps if intelligent people in the Balkans, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, US and Canada are paying attention, we might start thinking seriously about how to rewrite some of our otherwise grim future history.

Or I guess we could just title this Part III of Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately.

You can also see the unedited version of Dr. Weinstein’s comments about Meier’s foretelling of Russian troop movements in my new film, And Did They Listen?.


*Thanks to Ron Watson and Michael Vanderpool for noting these developments.



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