How to regain conscious control over our thoughts, feelings and actions

It’s always the season for self-awareness but ever more so as the holiday season presses and stresses upon us.

So I invite you to take a an eight-minute break that will introduce you to the process I originally titled Standing in Spirit, as was suggested to me by one of the first persons I taught it to.

As is explained in the spiritual teaching, and elaborated upon in the new translation of the Talmud Jammnuel, we should really be using the term consciousness, instead of spirit at this point in our evolution.

That being said, when you go the downloadable version, or the DVD, you’ll find a free eight-minute video clip that explains some of the elements of this self-awareness process. The information in that clip sets the context for the actual process and in itself can be utilized for practicing conscious self-awareness from a neutral-positive perspective.

While many specific global remedies have been recommended by the Plejaren, the real answer is that it still all boils down to the individual. From now on, true leadership will only flow from the bottom up, as people take back their individual power from all forms of failed external authority. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and self-responsibility that we can become effective individuals.

Billy Meier and FIGU have specifically recommended that I provide this workshop at the end of my lectures, so that the audience can consciously experience their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears and inner processes, etc., and regain conscious control over them.

As is said in the video, “Make friends with yourself on the inside and you’ll make friends with the world on the outside.”
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6 comments on “The Free Eight-Minute Meditation

  • Hi MH I just registered to become a passive member of FIGU USA but I left a question of what can I do given my limit of funds etc since I don`t have email only an email address. I hope you can help me out here. Thanks. Salome Terry

  • Has anyone tried the meditation yet? I am very interested to get back into meditation and am hoping that this will get me started. I understand that if we can go into a very deep meditation, it is quite an experience. I think Billy has said that there is much information to receive in a deep state.

  • It is strange how this meditation seems to support or maybe rescue Andre Vlchek’s otherwise insightful views in ways he is not aware:
    “The only way forward, and the only way for our humanity to survive, would be for at least one group of extremely bright people to fully break from that straightjacket put on the world by the Empire, to reject official perceptions and ‘knowledge’, and to completely cast off all major tools of analyses of Christian and Western supremacy ideologies which are still functioning as the main ‘intellectual’ pillars of the Empire and its collaborators in the colonies.”

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