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14 comments on “BUY DVD'S AND MORE

  • Great show on C2C would like more information on the Emanuel story and the Eastern orthodox Rabbi who found the information with Billy Meier

  • I am interested in the 5th Edition of The Talmud of Jmmanuel translated to English. Is it available?

    • From what I understand it should be out by the end of the year. It will be available from my site ( as soon it’s out.

  • Morning Michael, I already own the Talmund of Jmmanuel will there be much difference in v5 of the book? Also If i wanted to purchase some other books I understand that i can email you with a list of them along with payment options etc., is this correct. Thank you again, hope you and your daughter are both well.

    Gordon Barnes

    • Hi Gordon,

      From what I understand there will be different and more info.

      Yes, let me know the books you’re interested in.

      And thanks, we’re doing very well, hope you are too.

  • Hi Michael,
    I am interested in Plejarens; since it is mentioned that they are highly evolved human beings like ourselves, do they have to undergo gestional and embryological developement like us? In other words, did Billy Meier ever come across a Plejaren who was pregnant? I am asking this question to ascertain the birth process of Plejarens which should be different from spontaenous rebirth of spiritual beings if they were humans. Thank you!

    • the Plejaren, being human beings like us, give birth in the same way. He didn’t mention their gestational and embryonic periods specifically as far as I know. But since he did mention that the spirit enters the embryo on the 21st day with them as well, it should be very similar.

      As far as “spontaenous rebirth of spiritual beings” I’m not sure what you’r referring to unless you mean the beings in the High Council, etc., about whose “rebirth” process I don’t have precise information.

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