Regarding Billy Meier as the Reincarnation of “Jesus Christ”

The first thing to say is that this claim is utterly impossible, since there was no person named “Jesus Christ” who lived about 2,000 years ago. “Jesus Christ” is the fictionalized version of a real human being named Jmmanuel (pronounced the same as Emmanuel of Immanuel).

Having declared this distinction, it can be stated, as a matter of fact, that the actual claim is that Meier is indeed the reincarnation* of Jmmanuel, as well as a certain number of other specific prophets said to be in this lineage. It must also be acknowledged that the information substantiating this claim will not be well received, thought through and/or accepted by many people.

While I have been aware of this information for some time, I have not focused on it, up until recently. I tried being even less subtle in presenting the claim but, surprisingly, no one seemed to pick up on, let alone attack, it. Since Christians have been, and will continue to be, waiting in vain for what I call the “Second Helping” I thought it would be a good idea to point out that what and who they have essentially been waiting for has long been present and working on the same task at hand that his various predecessors also were involved in.

Of course there’s never been any mission to “save” people from their so-called “sins” and absolutely none of the other convolutions of the mind-numbing, enslaving versions of Christianity, or any other religion, have any validity as they intentionally direct people to put the complete responsibility for their own lives onto some imaginary god, savior, saint, etc. None such exist, except as creations of very confused human beings, so the worship, hopes and expectations directed towards them are simply god-delusion and the abdication of the essential personal responsibility for one’s own life that applies to every single human being.

As is to be expected, therefore, this message of self-responsibility is to be found in abundance in the true spiritual teaching, despite having been expunged from virtually every religion, “holy book”, etc.

Perhaps in a quasi-humorous attempt to subtly awaken, if not chide, the more fundamentalist Christians who anticipate that their “savior” (dare I say, “heaven help us”?) will “descend from the  clouds”, Meier was allowed to take photographs from within a UFO of two other craft flying above the Swiss countryside. If the concept of “what goes up must come down” isn’t too scientific for them, the “true believers” might lubricate their thinking by contemplating the implications of the photographs, especially since Meier indeed “descended” and landed after he took the photographs.

Meier’s role as the prophet for these times certainly affords him no glamorous, celebrity-centered position. As always, it is a basically thankless task necessitated by the thick-headedness of the mass of humanity, which has succeeded in perching itself so precariously close to the precipice of an almost bottomless pit that a plunge into it is almost inevitable.

While the claim that Meier is a prophet, and the reincarnation of the major ones before him, will disturb if not enrage Christians, it will sit no better with members of other religions, atheists, skeptics and know-it-all scientists, of course. None of this has any bearing, naturally, on the validity of the claim. Meier has stated that humanity will take approximately 800 more years to civilize itself and evolve to the status of rational, logical and truly loving real human beings, who value and live in real love, peace, freedom and harmony.

It would be nice to see this happen much, much faster but an objective view of world conditions, human consciousness – and religious delusion – seems to speak strongly against this likelihood.


*Technically, the “person”, i.e. the personality, doesn’t reincarnate. It’s the spirit (also called “spirit form”) that reincarnates, so we are never the same person but always a new person with a new personality, consciousness, psyche, etc.

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  1. Vizard says:

    Shane. I had not looked at this thread in almost a year then by pure chance I discovered it bookmarked in an old phone and reread it a few hours after your last post, which I thought a strange coincidence, seeing as there had been no other comments since I last looked, I believe you are right to question Meiers claims to be a reincarnated Prophet. I believe you were probably drawn to his teachings because there is a lot of truth in them. But Meiers ‘teachings’ are not really new, he seems to have adapted them from Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, Hermeticism Rosicrucianism, some Spiritualist channeled works, but mostly Theosophy, Theosophists call the First Source, the Absolute and its’ first emanations the Logos, this is the part of The Absolute/God that is at the centre of the Universe and that we are Spiritually Evolving towards. Meiers has created a Religion for Old Testament hating Atheists

    • MH says:

      It’s not important to believe or accept that Meier is a reincarnated prophet. All that is important is to delve into the documented information that establishes that he is indeed the prophet of the new time…that is if one wants to test the claim.

      When you say that “he seems to have adapted them from Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, Hermeticism Rosicrucianism, some Spiritualist channeled works, but mostly Theosophy” it only shows that you are completely unaware of the voluminous spiritual teaching itself. And of course it appears that you take the “Absolute/God that is at the centre of the Universe and that we are Spiritually Evolving towards” belief without question or recognition that you are parroting just another…belief.

  2. Vizard says:

    Shane, I also believe the last incarnation of true Prophets were The Bab and Bahaulla, (although I’m not a Bahai), Meier is all too low in his nature and personal life to be what he says. I’m actually a Christian Spiritualist I like the teachings of Andrew Jackson Davies,(the true prophet of the new age) and Stainton- Moses, Silver Birch and winifred Moyes. The Urantia Book is interesting too. .Angels/Aliens are talking to us, but are they talking to Meier ?

  3. Vizard says:

    You say, “it’s not important to accept that Meier is a reincarnated Prophet” but I rather think it is, because if he is not, then he is either lieing or he is delusional, which would put a doubt on the veracity of his other teachings. I have looked into his material that is available online, as I have an interest in ALL modern Revelation, but I can see no reason to believe Meier is the only source of truth any more than the Bible or any other Revelations or channeled Teachings are. But my belief that God is the ultimate source and centre of all things is a common one in many different Teachings. You actually sound as closed minded in your beliefs as any Religious Fundamentalist or materialist Atheist. PS I noticed the second half of my last comment did not appear.

    • MH says:

      Once you do the necessary research that includes over 130 specific, verifiably prophetically accurate scientific information, all the concern about terminology and whose prophet, beliefs, (imaginary) “God”, etc. are irrelevant.

      So before you decide that I’m closed-minded, do the necessary investigation not only only into Meier’s impeccably accurate information but into…your own beliefs.

  4. Leon Francis says:

    Anyone who discredits Billy Meier does so only out of ignorance to the details of the Case – you dont have to argue amoungst yourselves about wheather or not the Meier UFO case is real fake….just look into the meier case properely for yourself, – look at the teachings not the UFO pictures – Get A copy of the Goblet of Truth, read it and decide after – its self evident to anyone – My trust would be with Billy Meier over any of the worlds leaders

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