Russian Military Movements…and the Henoch Prophecies

There is, and most likely will be, no shortage of reporting (and hand wringing) about Russia’s new military move into Ukraine.

So this is a brief blog to simply remind everyone of what is long foretold regarding Russia’s coming military expansion and aggression in the Henoch Prophecies published by Billy Meier.

So, perhaps if intelligent people in the Balkans, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, US and Canada are paying attention, we might start thinking seriously about how to rewrite some of our otherwise grim future history.

Or I guess we could just title this Part III of Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately.

You can also see the unedited version of Dr. Weinstein’s comments about Meier’s foretelling of Russian troop movements in my new film, And Did They Listen?.




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Will Russian Reflection on Meier Suggestion Result in Deflection Protection?

Are the Russians paying attention because they know we don’t?

Let’s acknowledge and consider that the Russians have started making their military moves into the Artic region, including moving their troops to Arkhangelsk, as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. And maybe some ambitious bureaucrat pointed out to Putin, “Hey, back in 1958, this Swiss guy, Billy Meier,  foretold what we’re doing now. And if I read this correctly, our expansionist plans to dominate Scandinavia, Iran, Turkey and invade the U.S. and Canada just may be very successful. Now of course, your exalted excellency, I don’t put much stock in what soothsayers…”

Putin interrupts, “What else did he say?”

“Well,” says our nervous friend, “there is this matter of the Apophis asteroid hitting the earth in some rather critical areas, between the North Sea and the Black Sea and…”


“Well, there seem to be some very specific warnings here about how to deflect this asteroid so that it doesn’t, so that it doesn’t…ruin our neighborhood, so to speak.”

Of course the skeptics would like to believe that it’s just another “coincidence” (along with hundreds more of Meier’s specific pieces of scientifically important information) that the Russians are reportedly preparing to deflect Apophis from hitting the Earth*. It’s highly suggested that the skeptics, and others who behave like Luddites in regards to anything that has such potentially huge consequences to humanity, continue to amuse themselves by debunking ghosts and the “paranormal” and leave the serious business of survival to far more rational, competent individuals.

Lest they think that Meier’s information also about Russian ambitions doesn’t concern them, this may be true but only if they currently don’t reside somewhere on planet Earth.


*If this link works, it is an English translation of information posted in Spanish here, which you can then translate if needed.

Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or reproduce the content on this blog for re-publication without the author/s written permission. Thank you.

Obviously just another Coincidence

In July of 2011, we pointed out that Russia moved troops to a place called Arkhangelsk, from which it was long foretold that they will eventually launch large scale attacks. Perhaps because of the obvious unlikelihood that Billy Meier could come up with the exact and largely unknown name of the staging area for the prophesied attacks, skeptics and the phonies and critics in the UFO community have completely ignored this compelling information. They are further boxed in by the fact that the prophecies have been online since 2006, thereby annihilating the frivolous and commonly resorted to claims that Meier “must have” backdated his information, redacted it, etc.

I think especially of people like Stuart Robbins, the pseudo-scientist who spends his time attacking flimsy elements of the paranormal world but who has completely shied away from attacking the Meier case after he was confronted with too many verifiable refutations of his skeptical presumptions. Like James Randi, Michael Shermer, Phil Plait and others of this ilk, they seek to promote themselves and their religion, skepticism, instead of daring to confront the staggering mountain of Meier’s specific, consistently impeccably accurate prophetic scientific and world event related information. Nonetheless, if we ever can poke and prod some of these deniers out of their dark hiding places they’d probably claim that it was, of course, just a…coincidence.

To admit that Billy Meier is indeed the prophet of the new time would obviously be so heretical that excommunication from their own church would be the painful inevitability.

On to Iran 

Now the Russians have made yet another troop movement, this one a mere 124 miles north of Iran and ostensibly intended to help “fight terrorism”. Of course one can’t help but notice yet another “coincidence”, one that is also mentioned in the same prophecies, i.e. that Russia will eventually invade Iran, along with other countries. Of course far be it for me to question the official Russian statement, etc. but a “temporary detachment” may turn out be harder to roll back than expected, especially if it is later said that “changing conditions” warrant a permanent presence, or some such thing.

The Chess Board

I’ve also been saying that this behind the scenes machinating/deal making is likely occurring and would be why there wouldn’t be an immediate attack on Iran, from the U.S. or Israel. Toss in some other unusual observations from a former head of the Mossad and one may see that all of the blustering and saber rattling on the surface doesn’t always tell the whole story.

With all of the concern over Iran getting a nuclear bomb, it has been mentioned here and there that it’s quite unlikely that the possession of such a weapon as Israel already has in great abundance would mean that they would be so foolish to immediately try to use it against Israel. Of course other scenarios, such as making the technology available to terrorists, etc. must surely be considered. So, while the attack by the U.S. or Israel could still happen, it may be that the scenario foretold in the Henoch Prophecies will more likely be fulfilled.

For those who may now be taking Meier’s information more seriously, I think that his warning from 2006, about a Russian-Chinese attack on the U.S., should we indeed attack Iran, warrants contemplation. As we also pointed out, Russia recently made the same point, well after Meier had, of course. And the perils facing Israel, especially as stated in the 429th Contact, are not to be ignored, except at her own extreme peril.


With all of the seemingly hopeless situations in the world, with so many parties blindly following the destructive script, there are occasional glimmers of hope that should be acknowledged and emulated. As always, with self-responsibility being the key and not relying on so-called “leaders “, it’s still up to each one of us to change and contribute individually, so as to create a more conscious collective society.

When we realize this, and don’t succumb to the self-pitying sense of futility, or think that some invisible guy-in-the-sky is going to come along and save us from ourselves, then even more than hope we rely on ourselves, our inner strength and the power of our own thoughts and intentions. It is exactly this realization, this putting our own purpose and rational self-interest into action that is the antithesis of what every religion and political system has used to control and enslave humankind. The specific negative manifestations that we see today are merely the effects of these longstanding erroneous causes.

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Thanks also to Colin Duesterhaus and Annie Newman for providing content.

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