What’s another Word for Told Ya So?

Hi there, boys and girls! You may remember that, yesterday, we discussed recent revelations about what those naughty wolves were up to and how Billy Meier, that kindly, bearded gentleman in Switzerland, was already letting that cat out of the bag about all that long ago. Sure, we forgot to mention how far-reaching are the plans by the U.S. and the EU to, er…chip in and herd every single last one of the sheep into a very tightly controlled, biometric pen, as was foreseen by Mr. Meier when he was but a 21-year-old lad, back in 1958.

But I digress. Today’s tidbit, courtesy of Mr. Schantz Scott, is all about how it’s now dawning on some scientists (the ones who haven’t either been bought off or dropped on their heads) that climate change could make hurricanes stronger and more frequent. Now raise your hand if you think that you just may have possibly read something about that global warming-climate change-increased-environmental disasters connection somewhere, such as perhaps in a number of Mr. Meier’s warnings…which we’ve compiled here for your convenience.

Ah yes, it’s good to see a few hands go up…even if some are only to request permission to go to the bathroom. This is a very moving topic and, as many of you’ve now found out, it just doesn’t go away when you press “Delete”. Right, WrathfulWarrior83? I’m sorry, that’s your brother, isn’t it? I meant HairlessMonkey951X; I always have trouble telling twins apart. I guess he’s the one with the stronger bladder. My regards to the other screen names in your family too, of course.

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Scientist Astonished at Swiss Man’s Predictive Accuracy

Formerly skeptical retired physician, professor, Dr. Sanford Weinstein, astonished – and concerned – at accurate foretelling of Russian troop movements; new military alliance between Canada and Georgia increases tensions with Russia; skeptics validate more predictions


Beverly Hills, CA - In a recent interview, Dr. Sanford Weinstein said that he found the predictive information by Billy Meier, a reclusive and controversial Swiss man, to be “astonishing”. Referring specifically to Meier’s information, published in 1987, accurately foretelling Russia’s recent movement of troops to Arkhangelsk, the formerly skeptical, retired physician and professor enumerated several specific reasons why U.S. military leaders should be “terribly upset”.

Pointing out that such strategic movements could indicate Russian plans for an invasion of the U.S., Dr. Weinstein warned that they could be accomplished in secret “before anybody were the wiser; it’s a very scary thing.”

New Military Tensions 

The recently announced new military alliance between Canada and Georgia intensified the longstanding tensions between Russia and Georgia, drawing attention again to the prophetic warnings in Meier’s Henoch Prophecies about Russia ultimately attacking Canada, as well as the U.S.

Meier also long ago forewarned that the volatility in the Eastern European region increased the potential for a worldwide war arising from the conflicts.

And current and former U.S. government officials also viewed Russia’s recent bomber flights near Guam as provocative.

Skeptics Validate Meier’s Information 

To date, more than 120 examples of Meier’s prophetic information, which he’s been publishing for more than 60 years, have been corroborated. A recent attempt by professional skeptics to debunk and discredit his scientific information resulted instead in further validation of his prophetic accuracy*.

Dr. Weinstein’s public endorsement of Meier’s prophetic accuracy may indicate that more scientists, and world leaders, will examine his information and evaluate its relevance to global concerns. (It’s been over 25 years since highly credible scientists, including David Froning and Dr. Michael Malin, examined and authenticated Meier’s evidence and information.)

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*View the free trailer for “as the time fulfills”, the new documentary containing over 50 specific examples of Meier’s officially corroborated, prophetically accurate scientific information.


Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or reproduce the content on this blog for re-publication without the author/s written permission. Thank you.

Will Russian Reflection on Meier Suggestion Result in Deflection Protection?

Are the Russians paying attention because they know we don’t?

Let’s acknowledge and consider that the Russians have started making their military moves into the Artic region, including moving their troops to Arkhangelsk, as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. And maybe some ambitious bureaucrat pointed out to Putin, “Hey, back in 1958, this Swiss guy, Billy Meier,  foretold what we’re doing now. And if I read this correctly, our expansionist plans to dominate Scandinavia, Iran, Turkey and invade the U.S. and Canada just may be very successful. Now of course, your exalted excellency, I don’t put much stock in what soothsayers…”

Putin interrupts, “What else did he say?”

“Well,” says our nervous friend, “there is this matter of the Apophis asteroid hitting the earth in some rather critical areas, between the North Sea and the Black Sea and…”


“Well, there seem to be some very specific warnings here about how to deflect this asteroid so that it doesn’t, so that it doesn’t…ruin our neighborhood, so to speak.”

Of course the skeptics would like to believe that it’s just another “coincidence” (along with hundreds more of Meier’s specific pieces of scientifically important information) that the Russians are reportedly preparing to deflect Apophis from hitting the Earth*. It’s highly suggested that the skeptics, and others who behave like Luddites in regards to anything that has such potentially huge consequences to humanity, continue to amuse themselves by debunking ghosts and the “paranormal” and leave the serious business of survival to far more rational, competent individuals.

Lest they think that Meier’s information also about Russian ambitions doesn’t concern them, this may be true but only if they currently don’t reside somewhere on planet Earth.


*If this link works, it is an English translation of information posted in Spanish here, which you can then translate if needed.

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