Exposing the Fake “Alien Abduction” Scam!

Now perhaps all of the geniuses in the UFO community who babble about “alien abductions” will get their heads screwed on straight.

We can thank Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project for releasing this interview with a man named William Pawelec, who explains a good bit about the very sophisticated bio-chip technology and the various groups and companies interested and involved in its use and development.

This of course further validates Billy Meier’s information about these secret groups, the technologies available to them and their nefarious agendas. You will also find more information here on the subject of the fake “alien abductions”. Yet another discussion about various matters concerning extraterrestrials, abductions, etc., can be found in this article.

And Meier’s information – from 1958 – regarding the agenda of powerful, purely terrestrial forces to bio-chip the masses can be found in number 40. of his  letter, which contains volumes of important prophetic information.It should now be clear that anyone still promoting the “alien abduction” scam – after seeing this interview – is in on the deception and actively part of the deliberate disinformation network.

You can also figure into the equation the very willing media that have been gleefully reporting all of the so-called UFO sightings over the past several months. Compare that to how well the Meier material is still suppressed by the same media, as well as by groups like MUFON and “exopolitics” , and more of the deliberate disinformation agenda becomes apparent.

Of course, now that we know the real nature and intentions of the actual parties behind, and complicit with, the fake “alien abduction” scam, we will have to be very vigilant.

Suggestion: Avoid all the nonsense concerning “UFOs” and “extraterrestrials” and focus heavily on understanding this. Our manmade environmental problems are quite real and no one else is either responsible for, nor coming to save us from, them.


2 Replies to “Exposing the Fake “Alien Abduction” Scam!”

  1. Hi Michael, I agree that there is definite corroboration between Meier’s and Pawelec’s explanations about this special “four horsemen” group of interdependent secret, high-tech organisations. I’m certain the end will come for this group one day and all will be revealed but I hope that someone involved will do the right thing soon and bring them to justice by exposing their deepest secrets. It would be a total shock for most people but would give a massive boost to mankind’s evolution I think. We deserve a better destiny than a dictatorship with a biochipped-population they probably have in mind for us.

  2. So great to see this blog! Please do think about tying this blog into Facebook as well. I’m a follower of Billy Meier since 1993 after reading Gary Kindler’s “Light Years.” I also was very glad I listened to Steven Greer’s interview with Pawelec. May these messages wake people up from their enslavement so that we can liberate ourselves and cease damaging our biosphere on holy mother Earth…. Brightest Blessings!

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