Scientists Again Echoing Meier’s Warnings…without Knowing It

A controversial claim by an Indian scientist (Dr Murari Lal), one year ago in January 2010, may prove to be more accurate than either the scientist or the outraged critics assume. Dr. Lal put forth, and then under pressure retracted, the claim that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035.

But comparing his supposedly wildly inaccurate estimate to information provided to, and published by, Billy Meier, in 2007, shows a similarity to the immense, unstoppable changes, including the melting away of the glaciers and the rising of the sea levels, that Meier said will indeed occur by 2100. In fact, Meier warned of the melting of the glaciers as far back as 1964.

A link in the chain of events that have led to the warming of the climate and atmospheric changes, and the resulting roller coaster of weather extremes, is the release of methane gas into the atmosphere. Earlier this year, an apparently not widely seen article sounded a dire but largely unnoticed warning about the extreme dangers posed by the melting of the permafrost in Siberia, which would result in immense amounts of methane being released.

And information published by Meier points to additional consequences coming from methane gas that will be released by movements of the ocean waters, which themselves are the result of the storms caused largely by…manmade atmospheric destruction.

Now, think about all of the useless gibberish, distraction and disinformation sent your way by the UFO community, MUFON and “exopolitics”, who babble on about nonsensical and non-existent extraterrestrials coming to save us from our self-created messes. And notice that they all do their best to keep Meier’s vitally important information from being seen and discussed, since it cuts into their profit-oriented agendas.

There is a reason for the Meier UFO contacts and it has a lot to do with helping us to assure our own future survival. Escapism and fantasies are completely counterproductive to that purpose.

Now that you know…what will you do?

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