There Is Nothing Supernatural

“The term ‘supernatural’ is an incorrect word which is utilised to describe something perceptible, which, for the human being, lies beyond that which is normal, material – that is to say – beyond that which pertains to the material senses, and  thereby beyond the capabilities of material perception, therefore, rather, in the realm of the feinstofflich. To designate that which is feinstofflich – the fluidal – as supernatural, is fundamentally wrong because, truly, there is nothing which lies beyond the perception of the human’s senses, rather only something which belongs beyond material sensitivity, in the realm of the feinstoffsinnlich. I am talking, in particular, about the effect of feinstofflich thought-vibrations which, in their feinstofflichkeit form, are designated as fluidal energies and fluidal forces, and which, created by the thoughts and feelings, also yield, outside of the brain, the most varied effects which can also be perceived by other human beings. These fluidal energies and their powers are not only the energies relating to telepathy, levitation and teleportation, rather also those of clairvoyance and remote viewing, whereby, for every single factor, manifestations occur which are individually different for each human being.”

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4 Replies to “There Is Nothing Supernatural”

  1. The article linked to this nonsensical hoax is unattributable and heretical. Jesus is no myth, the b*******t Meier ‘prophecies’ are a myth, and you are nothing but a fraud, as are most of C2C’s guests these days. G*d damn you for your contribution to the ongoing smokescreen, you pathetic spiritual loser.

    1. Well, here we have our token monkey brain who dropped in to extol the virtues of the imaginary “Jesus Christ” – for whom not a shred of historical evidence exists – and of course this dope attacks the Meier prophecies, while sending his imaginary “God’s” equally imaginary damnation.

      We know that he won’t be back to document the imaginary “savior” who, quite logically of course, “died for your sins” – even though none of us were even born yet, etc., etc.

      And you’ll also notice that he won’t be able to tell us exactly which prophecies are b.s.

      But, in the spirit of something or other, we give him his sorry little moment here.

      1. Well at least this extra from the Planet of the Apes had the marbles to put his own real name to his rant.
        Spiritual loser?
        Now that’s something new

  2. another fine example of why Mohamad came along we would be all like Robert Tevault in our thoughts and lives. If you have this abuse Michael we can see to imagine what Billy has had plus the assination attempts.
    I once prayed to God to keep me away from religion and i have so he must exist ! 🙂
    best wishes

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