As the most recent atrocity at the Russian airport shows, humanity has – so far – failed to heed the decades’ long warnings so as to effectively rewrite what is otherwise going to be an extremely painful future history.

I specifically refer to the prophecies published by Meier, since 1951, which have long revealed both the causes and effects that create and become our world. Should his warnings regarding acts of terror, and all sorts of other extremely negative events, remain unheeded then we have no one but ourselves to blame.

And as Meier and the Plejaren also explained, so-called diplomacy is, as are all other aspects of politics, a means of lying and seeking advantage over others. Apparently, the public will learn more about the duplicitous, festering toxicity of diplomacy in some diplomatic documents released by WikiLeaks.

As long as people are imprisoned by both religious beliefs and political thinking, putting the power and authority for their own lives outside of themselves, on so-called “Gods”, leaders, dogmas, belief systems, etc. we will only see the fulfillment of the worst of the prophetic nightmares.

To rewrite that otherwise bleak future history requires that individuals awaken to their own self-responsibility first. Running around “protesting” and pouring one’s time, heart and soul into various “causes”, without first becoming conscious and aware of one’s own thoughts, feelings, motivations, etc., only leads to more of the turmoil and confusion, within and without.

Be forewarned, the truth is harsh. And waking up to the truth in a world of over 8 billion people, the majority of whom are asleep – or so overburdened by the misery of their daily lives – may produce a sense of loneliness, even futility.

But the time to start is…now.

3 comments on “On Rewriting Our Future History

  • Religions gave Earth people alienation and capitalism gave them mass loneliness. So what we got here are almost 8 billion alienated lonely homo sapiens sapiens. I do not how is it about humanoids living under the ground (such as blue coloured people). I hope that they do not practice capitalism down there.

  • hmm interesting, wonder if this hollow earth theory is true, people underneath the earth , north and south pole holes ect… But one thing i have learned, the Bermuda triangle is for sure something that happened and ship and planes found them self totally into another time or maybe parallel universe. Is only one way.

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