To Be like an Extraterrestrial

There’s an awful lot of babbling, fantasizing and projecting about what extraterrestrials are like. Regarding the ridiculous, deliberate disinformation about “evil aliens”, “Grays” and “alien abductions“, people have all sorts of idealized, imaginary ideas about how actual, far more advanced, extraterrestrial human beings would think and act.

Due to the deluded, religiously influenced New Agers (and many members of the so-called UFO community) in addition to the negative stereotypes we have images and illustrations of shimmering, perfect “space brothers (and sisters)” who are sparkly, all-knowing, etherial creatures with benevolent smiles beaming all sorts of “love and light” at us. They pop up on many websites pertaining to UFOs, ETs, the New Age, etc.

And with today’s hyper-technologies and special effects in movies and video games, etc., the mass consciousness is permeated with, and hypnotized by, visual imagery and is easily manipulated in all sorts of ways, largely unknown and undetected by those most affected by it.

If one would really aspire to “be like an extraterrestrial” they actually could go a long way, at least in so far as developing their consciousness along certain lines. (RIght now, we can learn to travel with our consciousness much farther than we can physically into space.) Specifically, one can begin to learn many of the things that have been deliberately kept from us for millennia – primarily by the various religions – that truly help to empower us as individuals. While there is still much that is inaccessible to us regarding what is referred to as the secret sciences there is still quite a bit of information making its way into English (and other languages).

For example, we can begin to learn about what the fluidal energies are and how to develop and use them. We can also learn how to deal with, and bring balance to, our to, our thoughts, feelings and emotions. All of these things are directly related to becoming and being self-responsible, which is the key to our evolution now…and forever more. As has been mentioned before, we must take back our power from all outside forces that we, most of humanity, have surrendered to them.

So through careful attention to each and every thought and feeling – and the impulse to action that arises from them – we gradually become self-responsible and capable of neutral-positive thinking. Neutral-positive thinking helps us to make conscious, positive choices, decisions and actions, not unconscious ones that we may have been habitually predisposed to make.

And of course one huge, widely accepted, bad habit that we need to cure ourselves of is…lying, to both ourselves and others. The reason why this is such an essential part of the development of our consciousness and conscious self-development is not that it’s just “bad” to lie, it’s illogical. That’s because it doesn’t prevent the actual negative event from occurring that the lie is trying to cover up, to the contrary, the negative consequences of the lie are only compounded by the lie. So honesty is not only a “good” thing, it’s actually in our highest self interest to cultivate and perfect it.

What we become in our own lives is a clear manifestation of the operation of the law of cause and effect, a law that can’t be cheated. And when we understand, accept and learn that this is an immutable law, then we can quite cheerfully align ourselves with it and with prioritizing the truth in all aspects of our lives, which is no small matter and will certainly give us plenty of opportunity to confront many of our habitual behaviors.

While diligently attending to such consciousness related elements won’t in itself enable anyone, at this point in time, to be traveling to the stars in a spacecraft, it will help us to evolve and improve every aspect of our lives. And certainly, one isn’t going to meet or have any contact with extraterrestrials (even if you pay lots of money for silly “trainings” promising you such experiences). In fact, it’s absolutely unimportant to our development to spend even a moment fantasizing about it; we have plenty of work to do right now, right here, on Earth. Also, since the extraterrestrials – just like the gods of our past – are human beings too, they are imperfect, evolving beings who definitely shouldn’t be worshipped, adored, or put on pedestals, etc.

So it’s far better to work towards becoming more like the extraterrestrials ourselves, in the sense of evolving our consciousness and improving our integrity and self-responsibility. To do so brings us a treasure of benefits that are quite independently valuable, regardless of which particular speck of cosmic lint we happen to be domiciled on at any time, now or in the distant future.

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I think that there were extraterrestrial humanoids and extraterrestrial androids seen by people. The extraterrestrial androids were called “greys” because of their skin colour looked grey, but I am not sure whether people would call them “blues” if someday the androids change their skin colour into blue, because it could trigger waves of protest from blues musicians and their fanatic listeners.

ashley bush

very true indeed, self responsibility is the key each as a individual, we need to focus our efforts to open the minds of those mislead by false teachings and things that wont bring them any true knowledge, we are one planet amonge many we need to work together

Eva Walentek

There is Zeta Talks radio talk show for many years by Nancy Lieder.
She is a contactee with Grays. Check her webside:

Jedaiah Ramnarine

She’s also a liar.

maximo teves

true positve thinking ,contol thoughts,feeling and emotion has been experience by urs truly.only i learn today about this neutral positive thinking.i enjoy the result on my life.people called it it is normal.thanks

Diane Grebe

To Eva: that is nonsense. She is either delusional or is fooling everyone.

Jedaiah Ramnarine

But Michael, repitlians are so kewl, they’re secretly plotting a takeover with their grey slave race doing their dirty deeds, don’t you know?! You get out of here with that logic! 😀