Egypt, Tunisia and the Henoch Prophecies

Events don’t just occur in, or out of, a vacuum, though most people rarely see the underlying causes that lead to the ultimate effects. This is in large part due to millennia of delusional religious indoctrination that teaches that one is not really responsible for their actions and that some outside god, guru, saint, minister, rabbi, mullah or priest can, and will, absolve them of, and forgive them for, all their “sins”, “save” them and magically grant their other wishes as well.

In a sense, the same thing is to be said of politics and diplomacy, two manmade forms of seeking advantage by lie and pretense. The truth requires no diplomacy. Our fear of not getting what we want, and our determination to get it through deception, at someone else’s expense, is an underlying condition of politics and diplomacy for which we think no price is to be paid, or that it shall fall to someone else to pay it.

When we discover the true, decades’ long record of interference, to use an inadequate euphemism, by our country, and other powers allied with it, in the lives of other countries and peoples around the world, what is said in the Henoch Prophecies, from 1987*, makes painful sense as its fulfillment begins to further unfold before our very eyes:

“Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation. In this way, many countries will become puppet states of America before reason and realisation will emerge in the responsible ones of governments and in many of the population, resulting in a turning away from the USA.

“However, the great war will hardly be avoidable because the human beings of Earth will probably not accept the directions towards the better, therewith towards true love, true freedom and real peace, striving instead only towards wealth, pleasure and riches and for all manner of material values and unrestricted power. Thus, huge and deadly formations of tanks will roll across the countries while fighter planes and rockets sweep through the air and bring death, ruin, destruction and annihilation to countries and people.”

“Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

“According to the prophecies of Henoch, the truth about industrialised countries is that they only seem to appear to be true civilisations, but in fact they are not; because more and more, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the third millennium, they will disregard all true love, true freedom and true wisdom as well as true peace along with all values of humaneness and all values of men’s and women’s true being.”

Perhaps though, many of us can and will still find a way to awaken ourselves in time to avoid the worst consequences of having learned nothing at all:

“But not even all the terrible happenings will hinder the USA in continuing to proceed with her actions against all countries. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings. Overall, this is the most important part of Henoch’s prophecies.”

*The Henoch Prophecies have been posted on They Fly since 2004.

5 Replies to “Egypt, Tunisia and the Henoch Prophecies”

  1. Funny how many were speaking out since the 60’s about just this issue of international manipulation and it’s inevitable outcome … but then they/we were often dismissed as inexperienced/uninformed/etc.

    If your vision is clear, you will see. Until it is, it is the dirt on the windshield that is seen first and foremost… and it obscures clear sight in favor of whatever the “party line” is at the moment.

    May we all get good windshield wipers, eh?

  2. @John. Well how could it be any different than that John. Prophesies are about warnings to mankind to change the wrong direction we have gone. The Western culture has been in charge ever since technology exploded and we are the reason things have gone very dire, yet still exciting. If the Prophesies didn’t have a large percentage focused on the actions of what we’re doing(West), they would of been inaccurate. Not realizing what ones country has caused around the world in the last hundred years could allow for you to think the Prophesies are falsely directed at us good ol’ westerners. All the good we’ve done as a country, doesn’t balance out the negative effect we’ve sown across the globe.

  3. @ John, this is not just simply anti-western rhetoric as you described, this is basically the simple principle of cause-and-effect. Western nations have historically exploited other countries and coerced changes to suit their greed. When you try to bully people around, people will rise and grow tired of it. Yes it was a prophecy but it can be seen as clear as day.

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