While the fables and tales of endless supplies of oil have been spun and hyped by the sources that we should now know are disreputable, greedy and power hungry, recently released WikiLeaks cable confirms what Meier was told by the Plejaren almost three years ago.

But did they specifically mention Saudi Arabia?


I suggest that people who are now ready look into the truth about the accuracy of the Billy Meier information read this compilation for an overview.

5 comments on “Meier Information Right Again about Peak Oil!

  • Today, I read an article about how Westernized countries that consume dairy products have a high rate of osteoporosis. I can’t remember which contact report it was but Meier was told by the Pleajaren that milk is not a means of obtaining calcium for the body but actually depletes the calcium. http://health.msn.com/health-topics/menopause/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100269333&gt1=31069 This article does not mention what causes the high rates of osteoporosis but does mention how Westernized dairy consumption history and compared to other nations that do not consume dairy.

  • @ George
    I agree with you. Iread a similar in a Figu-Bulletin (in German) not so long time ago.
    In another article (also in a Figu Bulletin) Billy mentions that soja milk is even worse; as soja products in general, if consumed above the equivalent of approximately more than 0,20 litre soja milk/daily, is pretty harmful for our body.

  • @ Michael

    Im well aware of Billy and other Figu members (here I think of Hans-Georg) articles on oil dwwindling reserves.

    But it should be said too, that this new wikileak cable on oil reserves proofs everybody right who actually had doubts about the official reserve figures.

    As this cable just mentions Saudi-Arabia, one could argue that it proofs Matthew Simmons hypothesis. In his book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, he basically claimed that the Saudis reserved are vastly overestimated.

    This leads me to another problem with Billy’s prediction. All of his predictions or phrophecies that has been corrobated over last 4 years are not specific events due to to happen at a specific point of time; like for instance an event A ( death of XY) will happenen at this specific date (for instance September 2012). Furthermore, a lot of his, lets call it forecasting, is about ideas, that are neither new nor mainstream. In short, the ideas (like the dwindling oil reserves) are already around although they are given no thought by the mainstream folk.

  • I was looking about milk, some website say milk is good others say it’s bad. So are you saying Billy doesn’t recommend milk?


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