Scientists Now Echo Meier’s Warnings about the Solar Storm

While the solar storm activity is now getting the attention of scientists, Meier had already published information about it – and what is yet to come – two years ago in the 476th Contact. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring that the scientists are slowly catching up to his information, right?

Is the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake Coming Nearer?

The debut of the Nissan ESFLOW electric sports concept car at a special media event in Frankfurt, Germany, may indicate that the coming San Francisco mega-quake may be nearer. The sleek new car’s large glass area – and lack of external rear-view mirrors – echo the description by Wendelle Stevens of the cars in the photos of the quake taken by Meier.

It should be added that Meier’s photos were taken in 1978, during a time travel trip into the future with Semjase.

Why Do They Hate Us?

Could it just possibly be that “they” don’t hate us for our freedoms…but what we have done to destroy theirs?

This documentary may explain more about what really goes on in our name and help us to understand that the laws of cause and effect can’t be cheated. What is done to others in our name will also be done unto us. If we don’t welcome that realization, then maybe people shouldn’t do things that they wouldn’t like to experience themselves. Nor should they do things that they don’t want others to find out about.

From the Henoch Prophecies:

“With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.”

The Truth of the Gulf Disaster Seeps through…like the Oil

The latest discoveries by scientists have now confirmed what Meier was told by the Plejaren last year, i.e. that oil from the BP disaster in the Gulf, along with the methane gas, would end up on the floor of the ocean and lead to great problems. So the oil that supposedly “magically disappeared” has instead been killing off life in the Gulf, despite the optimistic spin given by government and oil industry spokespeople.

5 comments on “As the Prophecies Fulfill

  • excellent blog post. I noticed the solar flare article and remembered Meier’s conversation he had with Ptaah about 2012. At the rate that the prophecies are being fulfilled, it seems that the majority of earth’s people will need a rather large catastrophe before they start realizing. Of course I could be wrong and they could use the classical end-of-times theme by loving gods that love all but kill as well.

  • Another car to look for the Mercedes FO15 research car, may indicate that the coming San Francisco mega-quake may be racing nearer than one may be ready for, with the population removing the fuilds from under thier feet to the point that the thermal balance is lost forever. The same process is happening right in front of anyone reading this message, a product known as thermal paste is the main thing keeping your power consuming toy from going up in smoke. The water and oil over the fault lines are doing the same with the heat from friction of the plates, the magma chambers are no different, But how do you .
    get the average person to use that grey matter, even the human body uses this process to control heat you get dehydrated you die.,,18709339_303,00.jpg

  • One can only wonder if yet another prophecy may be about to unfold in Italy with reports of 2 earthquakes today ‘There will be great destruction in Italy’, only time will tell i guess and there’s doesn’t seem to be a lot of that left particularly if Clinton gets into power. For the sake of the planet and our future survival I hope people will wake up before its too late.


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