Stunning New Proof of Meier’s Prophetically Accurate Information!

Once again, the stunning accuracy of specific, detailed information provided to, and published by, Billy Meier – before the “official discovery” of the evidence – establishes the absolute authenticity of his contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials.

This information, found and forwarded to me by Beth Litke, refers to the contents of a conversation between Billy Meier and Quetzal, in the 118th Contact, December 7, 1978. In that conversation Meier asks about the fate of SAETA flight 232, which disappeared in 1976.

In Quetzal’s response, in lines 52. to 56., he makes it absolutely clear that the flight crashed into the volcanic mountain, Chimborazo, in the Andes in Ecuador. He specifies that this occurred at approximately 6,000 meters.

Perhaps incredibly to anyone not familiar with the impeccable accuracy  of the Billy Meier information, those exact, specific details  – i.e. the correct location – and altitude – at which the plane would be found – were confirmed by discoveries…24 years later. The corroboration can be found in information published by the Aviation Safety Network and in Wikipedia.

Naturally, it can be expected that the skeptics will have a very hard time with this documentation, as they have with an abundance of Meier’s other prophetically accurate information, which is being regularly corroborated.

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  1. what I find astonishing is not the accuracy of Billy’s prophecies. But rather how stupid, ignorant and blind the great majority of people on Earth are since they are not able to recognize that this man is the true prophet.

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