A stream of over 700 earthquakes that have rumbled through Arkansas over the past six months may well have a manmade cause, according to University of Arkansas professor, Hanan Mahdi.

Not surprisingly – at least to those who have read Billy Meier’s extensive information about the manmade causes of earthquakes and volcanoes – warnings about the consequences of petroleum and natural gas extraction, as well as mining, dam building and overbuilding of cities, have been prominent in the Meier material for decades.

The warning from Semjase about the “Earth collapses from within” is also being regularly evidenced by the worldwide manifestation of sink holes.

Again…we were warned but wouldn’t listen.


7 comments on “University of Arkansas Professor Confirming Meier’s Earthquake Warnings

  • Thanks Michael,this is clear EVIDENCES.I think on all the drilling going on WORLD WIDE and all the other things we are doing and have done for so many years,and does not stop very soon,that we are headed for total destruction.The big question is when are the people going wake up and see the reality of all this!Hope its not too terribly late!!!!

  • Thanks Michael,i’m really glad that scientists are discovering , hopefully national and community leaders will take notice and implement the necessary policies to prevent more geological disturbances. of course that’s not likely to happen, too many of them are stupid and of weak character.ordinary people must ultimately solve these problems, we can’t rely on our leaders for much.Though i do think President Obama is a level headed person.

  • Some questions need to be answered about the way we are treating our “mother” Earth.
    The only solution could be “Free Energy” option, but,for the rulers of our world, choosing “Free Energy” may cause the collapse of the world economy.
    What to do then ??..
    They(our rulers) know the answers.

    • We already have the closest thing to “free energy” now, as Meier explains and we go into in “as the time fulfills” and “And Did They Listen?”, i.e. deep geothermal energy. It’s inexhaustible, non-polluting and accessible from almost anywhere on the planet. It is currently being used and developed in some places; Iceland is a notable example.

  • If we continue to exploit our Mother planet, methinks she is going to shake us off like so many fleas. If humanity disappears, Mother Earth will keep living without us, but if Mother dies, we all perish along with her. Society is like a blight, a parasitic disease, self-absorbed, like a virus. No thought for tomorrow, no consideration for anyone else, only the “Me, me, me..” and the “What can I get out of it?” Now it is not the regular folk who nurture and foster this attitude, it’s the illuminati fatcats and their ilk. They could give a damn about us, they are only interested in what they can take, until there’s nothing left.
    My question is, are we going to receive any assistance from offworld folks in overthrowing the illuminati overlords? Or are we expected to handle it on our own, because if it’s strictly the latter, then methinks we may all be f****d.

    • For some reason you believe that there’s an all powerful “illuminati” and that we need “assistance from offworld folks in overthrowing” them. This again puts the focus of responsibility on others outside of ourselves…as well as presumes that we haven’t already been given sufficient information, recommendations, etc., as to how be self-responsible and avoid so much of this negativity.

      Certainly the Meier case and its contents have been suppressed but still it’s been made available to, and put in front of far, far more people than have taken the opportunity to avail themselves of tis contents.

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