Yet Another “UFO Expert” Sticks Foot in Mouth

The UFO field has an abundance of self styled “experts” and “researchers” who freely reveal their actual lack of both their investigative skills and their personal integrity. The latest case in point is Richard Dolan, who shows that he takes offense at being criticized…on a page where he criticizes John Alexander.

Stunningly, in our little exchange, he fails to acknowledge the validity – and singular importance – of the Billy Meier contact case and its information, neither does he make any specific, substantiated objections to its authenticity. He does, however, try to dispute the facts about my own personal knowledge pertaining to Roswell, since it precedes his by some 20 years. And, after making that foolish blunder, of course he then tries to distract from my challenge by banning any further comments from me.

The plain fact is that the Meier case is very bad for business for these poseurs who want to lead people around in circles, chasing “UFOs”, instead of directing them to the truth. And, since I have personal evidence of/from the Plejaren extraterrestrials, you’ll have to forgive me for not valuing chasing either lights in the sky or the government for their approval.

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  1. Trying to deal with the younger generation, not a good thing. They grew up with so much distraction,in the form of electronic games and phones etc. they are unable to concentrate on what is around them in real time. I fear that,because of this, When disaster strikes they will be ill prepared to cope. It will be future generations deprived of those distractions,who will be the one to rebuild.

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