With the effects of the  most recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan still unfolding, it is all the more important to – once again – draw attention to all of the warnings that we have been given, since 1951, by Billy Meier and the Plejaren.

As has also been pointed out, we are now in the long foretold times, largely because of the deliberate, willful arrogance and ignorance of humanity. Specifically, the various governments, military, corporate, religious and media entities and leaders have done everything in their power to suppress the information, to suppress the knowledge that the Prophet of the New Time was present to help awaken and serve humanity…not to save it.

And it must be mentioned that among the groups and individuals most damaging to the truth have been, ironically, the so-called UFO community, including MUFON, “exopolitics” and other parasitical, defamatory ones who have put their egos and profiteering above what certainly should have been their duty as self-proclaimed “experts” and proponents of the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc.

Maybe one positive thing that could emerge from this tragedy would be a washing away of this entire stupid UFO/ET/alien industry that has so badly distracted and mislead people for far too long.

Of course, with the short attention spans and memories of the currently dumbed down, overly entertained masses, even this latest manifestation of the upheaval in nature may be forgotten or ignored, at least until the next one(s), whether days, weeks or months from now.

However, for those who still do have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds with which to reason, perhaps a very profound, comprehensive awakening will still take place…in time.






4 comments on “While There Is Still Time

  • You and I both know that the severity of the earthquake in Japan is not enough for humans to realize our own destructive nature. When discussing Meiers prophecies about the earthquakes, the feedback I hear is that “anyone could have predicted that”. Yes anyone today with the technology but not in the 50’s. Of course as the events keep occurring on a consistent basis, the religious fanatics will only tie that into Judgement Day. May 21st 2011 LOL.

  • I agree with George. Unfortunately, more than the vast majority of people on this planet will not take head to nor even consider credible the information provided to us by Meier. Those of us who do recognize the undeniable truth can only inform no matter how small of a voice we have.

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