Letter from a Skeptic

To Eduard Billy Meier, and all whom it may concern:

This letter is not an attack or criticism.

I’ve always wanted to believe in non-terrestrial life.  I am, however, a skeptic when it comes to anything fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to believe in and experience something profound, but, sensibility and a firm grounding in analytical physical viewpoints and explanations has kept my eyes clear.

I was initially drawn to the Billy Meier story by the fantastic pictures and videos.  The phenomenon has always interested me, but, I’ve never personally seen anything with my own eyes that couldn’t be explained, corroborated, or disproved.

On further exploration I come across the spiritual message, or at least hints of it, and my immediate reaction in these matters is always to scoff, thinking that here there is another cult leader trying to sell some idiot mythology like Ron Hubbard and others.  Because of this, I felt driven to explore the entire picture further with a greater degree of critical viewing.

I’ve watched a number of the films, documentaries, and segments, and have spent quite a bit of time examining critical analysis statements, conducting my own criticisms, reading tons of material on both sides, and also listening to the Billy Meier side of the story.  I’ve been quite thorough and even have criticisms of the critics.

Yes, it’s true, I do have criticisms and ideas as to how almost all the photos, videos, and sound recording evidence could be faked with available materials from the 1960s.

However, no matter my criticism, two things kept coming back to me.

These two things are:

1.  This has been going on in near constant perpetuation for 50 years.

2.  No matter what, Billy Meier has a beautiful message.

After thinking on these two things, I can’t have anything but respect and admiration for Billy Meier.

Even if all extraterrestrial related events are fake, there’s still this beautiful message, and the fact that the message has been worked on consistently and built over the last 50 years is astounding in and of itself.

You should know also that I’m a very strong Atheist, but, my own personal philosophy agrees on a number of major points in the Meier philosophy especially involving benevolence, self responsibility, and the growth of the self.

Whatever the case, even if Billy Meier was exposed in totality as a fake, I have nothing but profound respect and admiration for the work and message he’s worked so hard to voice.

I’d certainly love it if the extraterrestrial elements are in fact true, but, without personal experience and personal interaction with such peoples I will still remain a skeptic, though a sympathetic skeptic.  If these people and others like them are in fact true, I would certainly be more than happy to welcome them if ever contacted, not just because they are extraterrestrial, but, because the message and philosophy they carry is beautiful, and I already feel a kindred spirit with the message alone.

I wish all of you the best with warm support from my heart,

–Matt Marquis

Houston, Texas



4 Replies to “Letter from a Skeptic”

  1. Excellent post Michael. I’ve thought along the lines of Matt as well when first exploring Meier’s case. What’s hard to believe is that the majority of the world’s population still believe in the omnipotent god(s) that have not provided new information, have not provided means of loving all and being one with nature. I’ve gone past the videos and pictures that drew me into the case and began reading his contact reports. Once reading the Reports, you tend to gain interest in things that are not associated with UFOs/Aliens but history of the universe and Earth. The Pleajarens are highly evolved and still admit to mistakes, errors, and do not know everything as well but they strive to. The real focus of the debunkers are his photos/video that no one can disprove through fact but through assuming that there are ways to recreate the images. Scientifically speaking, debunkers should realize that if you have a theory/assumption you’re going to have to provide evidence to support these claims and no one has done that yet. As far as the prophecies go, I’m amazed that I’ve been able to read them prior to experiencing what Meier was told years ago, that is enough for me to keep believe his message.

  2. Billy is a great man, I love the Spirit messages too.
    They are so helpful, navigating through meditation and self awareness.
    The perfect roadmap.

  3. Hey Matt,

    A nice letter. I think it’s good you are able to separate the message from the messenger, BUT… Isn’t it sort of an awkward position praising the message yet maintaining the man a [likely] imposter? The physical evidence is great but perhaps more convincing, as George relays above, is the prophetic information. Michael, perhaps, if you read this, you can post the name/where to find that highly informative article of yours that details many of the prophetic colloborations? And Maresa, a great comment, “the perfect roadmap” indeed!

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