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  • Michael, This sounds great! I was planning on going to Peru and the Amazon River Basin in December with my Professor and a small group of students to study there for my Environmental Science Degree. I would love to go and I do have the money to go, I have one question though: Does the $1,200.00 cover the flight to Brazil and back to the U.S., plus meals and lodging and what not? I would be thrilled to join you, Christian and others on this retreat. It would be a great learning experience, as well as a wonderful life experience. Salome! Amanda C.

  • The $1,200 covers the cost of the lodging and breakfast, the rides from and to the airport, local transportation to off-site events, fees for the facilitators, etc. Most of the cost is for the lodging and event facility and ground transportation, actually. Flight expenses to Brazil are not included. The flight costs can’t be included at the retreat price and, of course, people will come from different locations, countries, etc.

  • Thank you Michael. Any idea how much a round trip ticket would be from Massachusetts? You have more experience traveling than I, so therefore, you would most likely know where I could get the best deal. 🙂

    Salome, Amanda

  • I will do that. Thank you Michael! I very much appreciate your advice. P.S.: I also sent you an email a while back about the lectures you are doing at Colleges/Universities around the U.S. and Canada. I think it would be wonderful to have you at the college I attend. This IS all very important and I agree with your “change in Focus” blog as well.

    Salome, Amanda

  • Hi Michael,the Retreat in Brazil sounds really wonderful.Being around people of like mind and all is a rare thing where i live! I,ll just have to dream on,cause i,m on a fixed income of 674.00 a month for disibilty.I have c.o.p.d. I,ve had it for 13 years,and the meds keep it under control.I can’t even buy your books from your web site.But i want you to know that i really am grateful for all that you are trying to do for humanity!!!!!

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