Recent horrendous acts of violence and terror by Islamic fanatics were anarried out against UN personnel and others apparently in retaliation for the burning of a Quran (Koran) by an imbecilic religious fanatic in Florida. So, once again in the fine tradition of revenge and retaliation that is the eye-for-an-eye brand of justice that originated with the Old Testament, we see how easily things flare out of proportion…and how little consideration is given to the laws of cause and effect.

Certainly the burning of any book, supposedly holy or not, is no excuse for harming let alone killing anyone. But the percolating poisons of religious delusion need very little additional potentiating in order to render all rationality inoperative. The preacher in Florida, seething with righteous anger at the mere existence of any other delusional religious belief system competing for adherents, demonstrated that insane actions delayed can and will still erupt unless completely contained and neutralized.

While religious apologists will say that it isn’t religion itself that’s responsible they are only partially correct. The fact is that while each human being is indeed entirely responsible for their own actions, indoctrinating people, filling their heads with completely irrational, imaginary, never to be proven nonsense can disable crucial functions. Even logic and true moral thinking can be impaired or even totally disabled, depending on the age and mental capacity of the person.

We are certainly in for more outrages and hand wringing, and equally predictable cluelessness and pointless pontification by the general public, pundits and religious “experts” alike. All of this goes hand-in-hand with what Billy Meier refers to as God-delusion and God-delusion insanity.

So, for those who understand how the immutable, impersonal, universal laws of cause and effect operate there is still much sadness, though not much surprise. Just as the inevitable collapsing of lands and structures is now underway, so is the collapse of all of that which is false and unsupportable in human consciousness and that can no longer be sustained.

Turning one’s attention to the teaching of the spirit, of truth and of life will bear better fruits, such as living a life of peace, love, freedom and harmony, completely devoid of beliefs and delusions.

4 comments on “How Could It Be Any Other Way?

  • I honestly do not believe the uprising was caused by Terry Jones Koran burning. That happened about 2 months ago, and they are only uprising now? No, I think that the UN workers did something to make the community turn against them. The military and media are just using Terry Jones as disinformation, to cover up what really happened. Keep in mind that UN workers were the ones that caused the e-coli outbreak in Haiti.

  • I think there could indeed be additional reasons, perhaps the ones you mentioned. But we must understand that in the kinds of actions such as Terry Jones’, i.e. motivated by religious fanaticism, produce reactions in equally fanatical people. When the cartoons about Mohammed came out they too provoked violent reactions. Now it’s not to say that free speech should be banned but we should also be responsible enough to consider the consequences of our actions.

    Religion and religious beliefs seems to lead to violence in many cases, not surprisingly since the major religions were formed in violent actions. To deliberately attack the beliefs and books of another religion as Jones and his idiotic followers do is to deliberately seek to provoke violence. His actions could be viewed as a microcosm of our own military policies, at least as they are perceived by many in the Middle East, etc.

    The last thing we should be is surprised if there are more attacks from radical Islamists who may cite or use actions such as Jones’, or our on policies, wars, etc., as “reasons” for them.

  • You know, many Muslims are discriminated and persecuted in the U.S., but when the Christians persecute and discriminate against nonbelivers and Muslims, it appears to be ok and accepted when it is wrong. Now, when I read this: this shows me that the majority of people in the U.S. thinks Christianity is so goody-good. What need to be done is to put Christianity on trial. The reason, they did most of the damage to humans for centuries and most of the hate came from this religion.

  • I agree with MH, on a smaller scale, people in your area could go around yelling derogatory terms knowing that it would provoke people, in the hopes of stirring up trouble or violence. <== Those types of people lack sympathy towards who they are hurting and will continue to do so, just as the religious fanatics will defend their illogical beliefs. When most Muslims in the world would agree that Mohammed should not be disrespected at all, they'll also be the first to come to defend Mohammed's depiction. For example, the "smart" writers of South Park received tons of death threats for an episode they created that referenced Mohammed. Comedy Central fortunately took action and censored part of it out. Most people with a working brain, tend to keep those types of comments to themselves in the hopes they do not offend anyone even in small talk.

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