Pardon My Cynicism…or Don’t

Is life so imitating Billy Meier’s warnings  – from as far back as 60 years ago – that the blatant obviousness both of his accuracy, and our idiocy, cannot be recognized for what they are?

Okay, a rhetorical question of course. But when this kind of a mind-boggling headline emerges, Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14 States, is there any doubt that the real imponderable will be…how quickly it will be forgotten, except (perhaps) by those who’ve been directly affected by it?

Ah yes, I am reminded of a recent exchange I had with a young “UFO expert” who responded to my in-your-face challenge to get his nose into the Meier material and out of the putrid, nonsense filled field of diversion, distraction and disinformation that passes for UFO “investigation”. Perhaps predictably, he was so offended by my screaming “Fire, wake up!” that he petulantly declared he wouldn’t bother to pursue the Meier material because I was so…unkind to him.

And his is the generation that will inherit the worst of this mess. Of course they may just not notice it if they keep playing with their handheld devices, etc.

So, 214 tornadoes, several major earthquakes, tsunamis and atomic power plant disasters, to say nothing of the BP oil spill – along with the coming impact from the Apophis asteroid – but people still want to babble about “Roswell”, overpaid celebrities and moronic “reality” shows.

As I said, pardon my cynicism…or don’t.

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  1. I hear ya friend. A lot of us can’t do anything about it but try to prepare our minds for things that are coming. Understanding why these things happen and not letting them happen again afterwards is important. Its also important so we don’t go crazy from all the pressures happening in our daily lives.

  2. yeah well .. most of us learn the hard way .. can’t give up the crap that passes for truth until the damage hits home

  3. good post michael, as stated before we humans are going to have to suffer because of our moronic ways, since Meiers predictions are fulfilling themselves. Just like you said those that will remember the tornado are the ones affected by it. So the morons of earth will have to experience the prophesied 888 days of war/destruction before they will finally get a clue. And these ufo experts that are still trying to prove roswell as a reality are just wasting there time, we have enough global proof that we have and are being visited. I guess saving the planet is not enough to motivate the people.

  4. We have to ask, At what level of impact does the leopard change his spots? I’ve learned that people are motivated far less by information than by emotion. A person might change in the wake of trauma or epiphany. Likewise, a group, a state, or a nation might change in proportion to the scale of an event. But whether it is great wars such as the World Wars, great catastrophes like Fukushima, or great leaders like Gandhi, the effects always seem to be temporary or at best suffer exponential decay in the lessons they carry. In a fractal way, the effects are similar across all scales of social grouping.

    There must be a science here that the Plejarens comprehend. Surely they can calculate the level of impact required to change the disposition of this planet. And, they must know that feeding information, no matter how profound, through a single individual will not suffice, for a single individual wielding only information carries little emotional impact to the vast, forgetful masses. And it is for this reason that I am perplexed that anyone is surprised that the message isn’t getting out. Our behavior at any scale, from individuals to great civilization, has not changed in all of recorded history. We should act and set our expectations accordingly.

  5. I agree completely with James. The masses are swayed more so by emotion rather than information. Sadly, this will result in many hardships for man in the coming decades. Perhaps it is nessicary?

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