Once again the so-called “news” is merely old news. The just released report from the World Health Organization states that cell phone use can possibly increase the risk of cancer. However, Billy Meier was told, in 1989, not only that there would be mobile phones and mobile devices in the future, “which will very often find only pointless uses” (that’s a prescient understatement if ever there was one), but that many human lives would be lost because of the dangerous radiation, as well as from irresponsible use.

Meier also said that the actual dangers would of course be denied by the manufacturers, even to the point of bribing certain parties to present falsified analyses attesting to the harmlessness of the devices, as has also long been the case.

As scientific corroboration of Meier’s prophetic accuracy continues to mount, perhaps there will be a few more people, here and there, who start to “get it”, who begin to recognize that the prophet for these times is actually present now.

Unfortunately, such will still not be the case for the greater majority of comatose humanity, especially the religiously deluded. True to form, they will remain oblivious even going so far as to scream out in fear and terror, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?” when the various tragedies and catastrophes strike “unexpectedly”.

Again the question arises, if Meier is indeed not just the only authentic contactee but also the prophet for these times, what does it mean to you?

NOTE: Meier himself first foretold the portable cell phone in 1958. See number 93.


2 comments on “Billy Meier Foretold Cell Phone Dangers 22 Years Ago…of Course

  • “Again the question arises, if Meier is indeed not just the only authentic contactee but also the prophet for these times, what does it mean to you?”

    Yes Michael, I agree that the Meier contacts are the “Greatest Story in history” — so Billy is more than just an alien contactee. But this “prophet” term can be a little creepy to some people. To say that Billy Meier is a reincarnation of Jmmanuel (fictitious Jesus Christ) is bold. How does anybody really know? No one, no matter how clever or smart can really ‘know’ this for sure.

    All your critics are Michael, are people just playing it safe who sometimes play dirty. You can not expect the general public to buy the whole prophet thing; rather the only people recognizing the Meier phenomenon (forget prophet) are a few UFO freaks, who just so happen to be interested in spiritual matters and ancient history — and — want to save the planet. Strange string of interests wouldn’t you say? Get real Figu, you have a very specific market/target audience. And it is about the size of your DVD and book sales and the people on the Figu forum.

    So is the public screwed? NO! I really feel that the public is a lot smarter than you think they are; and there are masses of people who get their “daily bread” (real truth) but from different sources to Billy Meier — all day long. For example, mainstream people follow forecasters like Gerald Celente, who sound a lot like Meier at times, to get an idea about a possible WWIII and a dollar going to worthless “cigarette papers.” So many people are getting the message without Meier — granted not the whole message. But not everyone needs or wants the whole message right now. There are masses of people (with or without Meier’s help) who are aware and concerned about the Gulf oil spill (read: catastrophe) and Fukashima disaster, for example. There are groups totally unaware (or seemingly unaware) of Billy Meier that try to fight overpopulation, like the Gates Foundation. Just go to any social media site and see how many people put down that they are “Spiritual but not Religious.” I would say that the religious crowd, especially devote, is losing ground and not hip as much anymore.

    So as one of those rare Meier fans — I like the whole “contactee” thing with UFOs (read: Beamships) and A-L-I-E-N-S. I think you are even missing your market when you discount the whole UFO/alien thing; and offending some people. As far as the whole prophet thing…. Well to me Meier seems right a lot, so I tend to think that Billy is right on and telling the truth, but to someone who could care less about some Swiss Farmer taking UFO pictures, this seems like nonsense. As it should at first, until further research into the “Story.”

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