Okay everyone, there’s actually a reason why we publish news reports that corroborate Billy Meier’s impeccably accurate prophetic information. You see, boys and girls, the nice little Swiss man and his friends from another world have gone to a whole lot of trouble to try to help us to not destroy ourselves. Stated positively, they’ve been trying to help us help ourselves to assure our own future survival.

Let’s see how well they, and we, are doing.

There are a couple of important new confirmations of Meier’s warnings in Atomic Energy: Human Insanity Knows No Limits and the very recent Natural disaster refugees more than doubled to 42 million, which has this little tag line, “Monitoring group worries climate change is playing big role in 2010 jump”. Let’s take this last article first, okay?

You’ve read that one, right? Now look at this compilation of some of Meier’s prophetic information. Enter the search term “refugee”. See all of the information from Meier foretelling a huge increase in the number of environmental refugees? Also, go and take a look at what he was already predicting in regard to economic refugees, etc., as far back as 1951 and 1958.

Did you, or anyone else you know and/or predict all that, or any of the other direct hits from Meier?

While you consider that, let’s focus on what we’ve just learned from Meier’s friend, Ptaah regarding the true magnitude of the Fukushima plant catastrophe. He informs those of us who just may care that “the so-called super worst-possible-case-scenario has already occurred”. He spells out just how the plutonium has been exposed and has already created widespread contamination…with even more to come. He also calls out the devious liars who deny all this for what they are. And, ever the optimist, Ptaah notes that the “ultra super worst-possible-case-scenario” is, well, inevitable.

Now, with that information before us, if I can have your attention for just one more moment, I ask you to consider the implications of a possible coming disruption to the electrical grid, which would cause major problems at virtually all nuclear power plants, as Ptaah point out in another transcript.

Rather than provide you with any more references, corroboration of the impeccable accuracy of the information Meier publishes, etc., let me simply ask you if you have any idea at all just how dire our situation is? Do you have any idea what this may mean to you, your loved ones, and all of the children as yet unborn?

Do you give a goddamn? Can you pry yourself away from your TV, from your “iThis” and “iThat” appendages, from the endless entertainment that is sucking the intelligence and life right out of you? Can you process real reality, or is it just an unwelcome, insulting distraction?

If you’re not outraged at how you’ve allowed yourself to be sold out and manipulated, to have your very life threatened by the greedy, power hungry parasites, if you haven’t been actively trying to wake yourself and others up, if you’ve let your brain turn to mush and your biggest concern is that someone doesn’t want you to recite mumbo-jumbo and give orders to an imaginary, invisible man in the sky…maybe you deserve it.

A lot of us don’t deserve it but it looks like we’re all going to share in the pain anyway.

Don’t blame Meier and the Plejaren, they tried.


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21 comments on “And The Hits just Keep on Coming

  • Anthony , Hi ; I might have misinterpreted your meaning as a criticism of the body of the stuff I wrote ; perhaps it’s just your way of dismissal of the possibility that it is boring . If my first reaction is correct then lets see what you’ve got .

  • Good morning all , another day and another bit of stuff from me .
    Now lets take the assumption that what I have been allowed by Michael to place on his blog-site ( thank-you Michael ) is essentially valid and just suppose someone figures that this information could be used to make buck or two and decides to try and slide in to the patent office ; then forget it because that which is not patented would be dismissed as nonsense . But the fact that I have chosen to put any of my contribution on to a publicly accessed site would , I think mean , that it is now in the public domain and I think that now means it’s free access . Well I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s the case . So there is no get rich and filling one’s pockets with gold here . Why would anyone want gold anyway . I hear that it can be made yourself if you have the know-how ; not only gold but at a guess pretty much every thing else . MMM “Earle Gray , Hot” ; well maybe not yet but who knows what advanced materials transmutation techniques have been developed in secret and therefore are suppressed at least for the majority of us . So the art of alchemy seems to be alive and doing quite well in the hands of the few . Sir Issac Newton I hear was into alchemy ; was that a forgivable aberration for Newton , in view of the fact that main-steam science is in love with the rest of his work . I find it some what hypercritical that his work in alchemy rarely is mentioned , and this is in part prejudice through ignorance and part suppression . Now I think I have heard that gold can be transmuted from carbon to copper then to gold and so on , and so on . In other words people you can make just about anything that appears on the periodic chart ; not just the chart we saw in chemistry class at school but more especially the chart provided buy Walter Russell . If you look at his chart ; the one that looks like a sine-wave you will see the three elements of carbon , copper and gold and you will notice that they are all on certain peaks ; therefore this looks like there is a harmonic relationship between these elements . If alchemic practice is employed then those two steps should take carbon to gold . I have seen John Bedini do this sort of thing in his dvd on transmutation ; although he used a mysterious red powder in a process involving heat and I wonder if there was some scalar wave of certain frequency injected in to the heating done in the furnace to accomplish this result . John had the golden deposit assayed and the results were conclusive , albeit with a slight difference in it’s make-up , but nevertheless the report said it was gold. The powder substance makes me a little nervous but John , as far as I can see has been truthful on what he has presented in all the other material he has given . So , in my estimation John is one of the good guys .
    NOW if you are smart enough to figure out for yourself exactly how do this transmutation don’t try to go and undermine the the value of the global currencies or you will more than likely get a lot of people P’d off at you . Mr Russell says in his book that cold generates energy , heat divides it cannot multiply and a hole lot other interesting stuff but please note the reference to cold and heat ( Semjase’s coldness of space and heat of the planet , as mentioned in the earlier reply I wrote ) . I don’t question what Semjase said but I find it gratifying to see that someone else suggests the connection between cold and energy and hence the relationship to cold energy / electricity ; the stuff we need to get acquainted with really quickly to survive in a little more comfort in the years to come than having to gain body heat by chipping away at rocks with a stone axe .

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