Ah yes, summer, isn’t it lovely? Along with our own deliberate fireworks celebrations,  nature seems to be upping the ante on our dreamy ignorance of just what dangers we have sold our energy consuming souls for. While Fukushima, the first little wake up call (which continues to spread contamination worldwide), has been all but buried in the news, we got our own gentle reminder that we’re completely at the mercy of nature when rising floodwaters threatened a Nebraska nuclear plant.

Certainly, since we apparently escaped unscathed, this little anomaly shouldn’t be enough to even momentarily derail the money machine mentality behind this insidiously poisonous technology. Then again, if the water doesn’t do it, maybe a little fire will get our attention.

Probably not. After all, coming within a few kilometers of a dump where there’s some 20,000 barrels of plutonium-contaminated waste is hardly a risk to the mentality that dreams up these Jackass-type daredevil technologies that put the whole world at risk.

Of course, what would this little blog be without including a gentle reminder of how transparently suicidal our super-materialistic way of doing things has long been to those whose decades of warnings have, naturally, gone completely unheeded.

Please, proceed to the much more important matters. You know, entertainment, sports, celebrities, dim-witted political charades and…don’t forget to pray to the imaginary god of your choice to bail our sorry butts out of the inevitable messes that loom on the not so distant horizon.



6 comments on “Have a Happy Obliviousness

  • Sure sends chills up and down my spine!! It just sickens me that the masses of pepole are in to not knowing or stupid–you name it.

  • Michael, no doubt about it. Sh*t seems to be hitting the fan. And I agree that there are a lot oblivious people; but there are also a lot of people who are waking up. And the worse it gets for everybody — the more people who will look for the truth or answers.

    But I don’t quite understand your almost bashing of “…entertainment, sports, celebrities, dim-witted political charades…” It is one thing for a person to be lost in sports for instance, and focus all their attention on it — then fail to spend time thinking about their lives and the world around them and the meaning of life. But you should not beat up on video games and iPods for the crime. It is people being irresponsible with their toys.

    Besides, life needs to be balanced. And with all the sh*t going down people need some forms of positive too. And there is nothing wrong with getting lost in a movie, or a video game or a baseball game as long as you also spend equal or more time making yourself aware of what is going on around you.

  • After the Fukishima event, Health Canada installed 9 new radiation monitors in Vancouver. I checked out Health Canada’s website and there is NO information after Dec. 31, 2010 concerning radiation levels.
    Are they giving any information to you guys in the states?

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