Hello, Anyone Out There Paying Attention?

Well now, will you look at that, seems like the Russians have decided to have a little fun in the snow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

But why don’t we sit down by the fireplace, pull out the dusty, old Henoch Prophecies and take a gander at just what that prophet had to say, about 11,000 years ago, shall we?

Now what’s that about Russia attacking…Alaska, which is actually a part of America, right?

And that funny word, Arkhangelsk, what was it that Henoch said about the Ruskies doing something ‘round those parts?

But hey, we’ve seen a whole bunch of stuff that Meier and the Plejaren have accurately foretold and it hasn’t bothered us up until now. So why worry about things that will probably only happen when there’s nothing good on TV anyway?


3 Replies to “Hello, Anyone Out There Paying Attention?”

  1. Hello Michael,

    Back when Obama got elected and started his term, Billy said something to the effect that Obama was a good president and his presidency was beneficial in preventing WWIII. I wonder, do you think this is the case today? I voted for Obama and thought along with Billy that he was basically good for peace. In light that Obama has expanded the wars, I wonder if he has increased the potential for these prophecies coming true? Have you asked Billy recently?

  2. When I first read the Henoch Prophesies about Russia attacking Alaska, my first thought was that they were attacking the HAARP installation. But it well may be that it could come from a dispute concerning the northern passage. The prophesy also says that Canada will be drawn into the fight. I’ve been hoping that Russia will join NATO, just so this won’t happen. Or maybe the closeness that these two countries share in their collaboration against Apophis will stop this from happening. But since it is a prophesy and not a prediction, we can all help by joining in the peace meditation.

  3. I too think that it is a self defense because of cause and effect and that they/Russians will be confederated with certain ET help to stop the unfair ones who want to rule the world and destroy all life including themselves.

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