Getting Evolution Straight

Well it seems like they’re coming hot and heavy now, relatively speaking of course. First it’s right-wing Republicans and now it’s a, gasp, scientist.

Professor C. Owen Lovejoy, a scientist at Kent University, has come to the conclusion that humans didn’t evolve from apes but rather the other way around, apes evolved from humans.

Of course Billy Meier and the Pleharen have long ago  explained this fact of evolution. And they’ve also debunked Charles Darwin’s ridiculous, profit-motivated fraud.

See also: (at 3:50. It’s an excerpt from A Brief Galactic History, one of the Special Features in The Silent Revolution of Truth.)

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  1. Yes Darwin had to be a fraud because the history books give his theory all the glory for inventing the evolution theory. This is way too convienent for the powers to be that let this one slide into the world.

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