Let’s Hear It One More Time for Ohio…and the Plejaren

There’s a new filing in Ohio that contains information purporting to explain how the 2004 election was hacked and stolen by George Bush.

Dare I say that Billy Meier was told about it before it happened? Here is an excerpt from the compilation at http://www.theyfly.com/cnotes.html:

CONTACT 367 [Thursday, September 9, 2004] Contact person: Ptaah NOTE: full informational reliability on any given topic, quotation or event can only be had from a careful reading of the German-language Contact Reports; the following topical listings do not represent the entire contents of this Contact Report.

USA Presidential Election 2004 – Bush will win by fraudulently using 400,000 falsified votes manufactured during the 2000 election and stored on voting machines; Florida & Ohio will be complicated

While there has been no official translation of this contact into English yet, it of course remains in German and can be obtained from FIGU. Obviously, the compilation of information from which it was obtained was assembled from the original transcripts.

Of course, for the skeptics there are no Plejaren, which only leaves them the options of stubbornly trying to claim that Meier “backdated” his information, which certainly won’t float or fly when we all can see it coming true before our very eyes, or that the new, publicly released information hasn’t been proven true yet.

However, we can see how that doesn’t work either, as one after another of Meier’s specific, diverse pieces of scientific and other areas of information are proven prophetically accurate.

Maybe it’s time to reread this too.

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I like the last three blogs ; I like the rest too , thanks Micheal , keep them coming . Jacqui .


George W. Bush’s election thefts showed that he would lost if the election was fair. This shows us that policticians don’t play fair sometimes or maybe most of the time.


There is so much happening right now that it’s almost scary seeing these things happening. The Henoch prophesies and the threat to the U.S. from Islamic extremists is just unfolding this very moment and it is simply unbelievable, the accuracy Eduard Meire has into these matters. Still some people refuse to believe he is our Prophet.


Ralph Nader also pointed this out. That the exit polls did not match the votes counted.

An logically why would Florida go to bush a second time after he stole it the first time around?