Over-inflated, bruised egos may be among the biggest obstacles to overcome in order to accelerate our journey to the planets and the stars

I had no sooner posted my blog about Stuart Robbins, the protégé to Phil Plait, then someone sent me a link to Plait’s latest blog at Discover Magazine about recent NASA discoveries of water on Mars. Of course, as had been pointed out previously, Billy Meier had already published information about the presence, and discoveries, of water there as far back as 1976* and 1987.

Obviously, it wasn’t something that the know-it-alls wanted to acknowledge then and they certainly don’t want to now. It seems that scientists are just like any and everybody else seeking their 15 minutes in the spotlight, meaning that they will go to great lengths to not only get it to shine on them but to try to pull the plug on anyone else that they feel may be a threat to their public ambitions and aspirations.

Maybe Discover Magazine Doesn’t Want To?

Okay, so I quickly rushed to post a provocative comment on the blog. And can you imagine my surprise when it failed to show up…even after two attempts?

“Wow, water on Mars, really? Do you mean kinda like what…Billy Meier first published in 1976 (with more in 1987), which can be found here:

Will Humanity Wake Up…in Time?

Gee, what a clever “hoaxer” he is indeed. Good thing we have these sharp young whipper-snappers to set us straight about that!

Heck, one day we may discover that there really are “closed space bulges” that are the opposite of black holes…as Meier reported in 1986.

Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to get some scientific and astronomical information from someone who’s…been there.”

Allergic to the Truth?

Okay, so maybe it was the fact that I had links in the post that stopped it. So I tried it without links, two more times. No luck. Was I detecting the petty, envious hand of Phil Plait…again? Having been challenged by me before to use his own criteria to evaluate Meier’s evidence, Plait had simply checked out for parts unknown. Some “scientist”.

It’s bad enough that the skeptics went through all sorts of gyrations to try to prove that Meier either backdated his stunningly accurate Jupiter information, or that he got important details wrong. So invested in their own tiny, myopic prejudices, so desirous of floating their own inflated egos over and above all else, these pseudo-scientists ignore the basic requirements of real, objective scientific inquiry, Had the information from Meier about Jupiter, for instance, been only a solitary, lucky guess adrift in a sea of wild speculation and incorrect information, it would be completely understandable to ignore the majority of his claims. But such is clearly not the case.

And it would be easy for any real scientist, and not just some current aspirant to be the next Carl Sagan, to discover the facts about the huge body of scientific information that is liberally spread through thousands of pages of Meier’s published information, in plain sight for all to see. But don’t expect it from the Phil Plaits, Michael Shermers and even Neil deGrasse Tysons, all of whom seem strangely allergic to venturing where few have gone before…in search of the real truth.

Shining the Light in Dark Corners

Do know, dear reader, that I have made more than a few handfuls of attempts to reach these “brilliant” fellows. Over-inflated egos are often quite fragile at their core. The need to exalt oneself as some form of “expert” – especially in light of the still relatively primitive level of actual scientific knowledge we possess – is a rather pathetic thing and often costly to real progress. Unfortunately, however, there always are those who try their hardest to hold back, suppress and even eliminate the greatest among us, and to try to make themselves look important more important. They are quite often aligned with religious forces; and nowhere is the dogmatic grip of antiquated belief systems more obvious and damaging than when it’s administered by the practitioners of the thinly veiled religion of skepticism.

Of course when one shines the light of truth on these shadowy forces in dark corners they can become very evasive. Such is the case with the poseurs at Point of Inquiry, who chose a rather ignominious, cowardly retreat in the face of my challenges to take an objective, critical look at the Meier case. To the many pieces of correspondence from readers of my blog (copied to me), in support of such a program, not one response from these professional skeptics has been reported.

The thought that Meier had already trekked around Olympus Mons on Mars**, on the company of the Plejaren, would certainly be too much to entertain in the minds of these self-appointed “knowledgeable ones”.


*Also, at an earlier time, Semjase explained to Meier that exotic biological life forms live on Mars that feed off of all biological life, something that is not yet understood by Earth scientists. It was actually a reminder to Meier that Asket and Sfath had previously explained this information to him. (From: Message from the Pleiades, Volume 3, Page 216)











Perhaps in the near future I will have the opportunity to also link back to this article for the purpose of pointing out that a “new discovery on Mars about unusual biological life forms”…really isn’t that new at all.

**On January 28, 2011, Christian Frehner of FIGU Switzerland, confirmed that Meier had indeed walked around on the volcano Olympus Mons, during one of his visits to Mars with the Plejaren.


9 comments on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars

  • You can lead a horse to water, but ……

    some day, some real scientist(s) will not be closed to non-mainstream info sources … then all these wannabee somethings will have to eat their hats … if even then.

  • This whole water on Mars thing just adds to the validity of the Meire case. Ahh, and there is so much more that I learned about Mars from reading Meire’s material. I can’t wait for NASA to admit that there was once life on Mars and soo many more things that I’m only certain will happen. Thanks Michael and respectfully Eduard Meire and his friends from the Pleiades. Salome.

  • Yes Bruce , I know what you mean mean about leading metaphorical horses to water . I think it’s about time the meta-horses died of thirst and let the rest of those who want to learn , have the truth of things . I feel that these people really are not skeptics ; they are debunkers ; they are the dogs in the mangers . True skeptics look at things , then follow where the evidence goes . When the evidence is compelling then it’s accepted whether you like it or not . We do not need 100% evidence ( what ever that is ) but enough to raise reasonable curiosity ; but for some we know even that would be never enough as far as their concerned . It seems so easy to cover up the lack of intelligence by continually saying no when available evidence is at hand . I can tell you that I don’t like it when I go to run an experiment ; collect the data ; write it up and have some twit fresh out of university read it for 20 seconds and then throw it on the table and say ” I can’t see anything in it ” .
    Once an egotist has a piece of paper to say they are smart they can fall easily into the trap of because they have the ticket from school that then they think that they have the sum total of all knowledge on a subject . Unfortunately the unknowing are all to easily bedazzled by know it all’s with new credentials and eagerly looking to find the gullible to temper their new metal on . If the lesser people of knowledge continue to seek the truth of things and fall on our faces a thousand times during our quest and if we pick ourselves up to continue on , as sure day follows night we are going to discover the true answers to everything . Theses debunkers are so destructive and are the ones who in desperation are trying to hold back those who want to advance in the truth of things .
    Hey , Desmond ; chuck me another ( Warp ) coil so I can spark it across this blooming battery . I feel the need to curve local space time a bit more .

  • Welcome to the club! Last year they did the same to me, refused to post any of my comments. I just went there now and posted Phil Plait is a NASA stooge and I can guarantee that will never show up in the comments, lol. Discover Magazine has never been about the truth and I quit buying their mag because of it. I also sent an email to NASA telling them to quit saying these pictures from Mars are all of craters and gulleys when it’s obvious even to a small child that these are mounds and tubes. They aren’t fooling anyone but theirselves and making themselves look very stupid. Only at NASA can they make people believe that gulleys cast shadows, lol.

  • Sheila – I’m confused. You say, “Only at NASA can they make people believe that gulleys cast shadows,” but anything with any topographic relief can cast a shadow. Have you ever been to a river valley at sunset or sunrise? I have — they cast pretty deep shadows.

  • Michael, you must shake your head a lot trying to deal with debunkers. again, all debunkers point at photos never the 500+ contact notes that Meier has published since being in contact with the Pleajarens. Keep doing what you do best and update us with more information. These close-minded humans are the ones that claim there’s no global warming yet this year’s summer has recorded record-breaking temperatures.

  • This is exactly what I’ve encountered with these overly ambitious, skeptically based “scientists”. They want to be media personalities, celebrities, etc. And they simply cannot allow, either in print or in their own consciousness, for Meier to “upstage” them with the truth.

  • Hi Zach, yes that’s true but you’ll also notice those deep shadows show up inside the gulley, not outside it like many of these pictures from Mars. See nasaphotojournal for further review. Check out those perfectly circular “craters” (NASA’s words) and think about when a meteorite lands on earth, how it never makes a completely circular pattern, always breaks up before hitting. Billy has also said that most of the old rivers on Mars have been covered up by soil and volcanic ash.
    Oddly when I went to the skeptics blog and signed up as Phil P. and commented “Everything Michael Horn says is true” they didn’t post that either. Go figure.

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