Skeptical Investigator Uncovers, Posts Evidence: Spiritual Group NOT a Cult

James Randi-affiliated investigator, who previously inferred FIGU a “cult” group, now posts revealing film clip, debunks skeptics’ own claims

In the Special Features section of The Silent Revolution of Truth, Derek Bartholomaus, the lead investigator for the skeptical inquiry into the Billy Meier UFO case, had referred some 17 times to “followers” of Billy Meier, inferring that those who were studying, or advocates for, Billy Meier’s evidence, information and teaching were followers of a guru-type cult leader.

Now, in an apparent about face from years of attacks against the Swiss UFO contactee and prophet, Bartholomaus, whose own group is closely affiliated with skeptical debunker James Randi, has himself posted evidence that debunks those skeptical claims about a “Billy Meier cult”.

The one-minute long segment from the original unfinished edit of the documentary shows Meier’s stepson, Atlant Bieri, declining any leadership role in the FIGU society. His statement, “I refused to be the leader of this society,” confirms the on-film introduction from Michael Horn, Meier’s American media representative, “Ultimately each person has to become their own leader.”

Horn said, “I was pleasantly surprised by Derek’s finding and posting this forgotten segment from the original, uncut edit we sent him for approval of his own interview in the film. Derek’s surprising assistance shows how even the most diehard skeptics are contributing to revealing the truth about Meier and his work. We included interviews with many of the students of the spiritual teaching but having Derek point out the clearly independent, anti-cultic behavior of a presumed leader-to-be deserves our thanks.

“In light of the fact that he also retracted his claims that Meier used model UFOs and miniature trees to ‘hoax’ his photographic evidence, some may now think that Derek is secretly collaborating with us – but nothing could be further from the truth.

“He may still seem to side with those who claim to have ‘duplicated’ Meier’s UFO photos and films. But don’t be surprised when Derek also admits that the best photographs and films by today’s model makers will never pass the same tests that Meier’s evidence did, which is why they’re never submitted to such testing. And I hope that rather than incur the wrath of his fellow skeptics, who may now see him as a ‘traitor’, that they will follow Derek’s lead and discover the ample evidence that Meier and his students practice the same values that they espouse, i.e. love, peace, harmony and…freedom.”


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  1. The impulse to detract Billy Meier comes very close to promotion of it , anyway . I would say, kudos to Mr.Randi for his honesty , because by now , as I understand it , some of Meier’s detractors have seen the very first glimpses of their own simpleton-ishness , and , the future is inhabited by those that could move with the times in contrast to those who horse-and-buggied ther way into extinction .

  2. Note: While James Randi DI also retract his earlier claim that the Meier case was a hoax, this helpful effort was from Derke Bartholomaus, whose group is affiliated with James Randi.


  3. also on the future of mankind website, there was a post from Stephen Moore describing his experience when visiting the SSSC. he had nothing but good things to say about his visit and said it was nothing like a stereotypical cult.

  4. BTW, lest anyone want to suggest that having any leaders is “cult-like”, which I know that Derek wouldn’t even suggest, of course virtually every organization, group, society, political party, country, government, etc. has various leaders. What’s important to note about FIGU is that it requires the approval of all members to enact any laws, rules, etc. Perhaps you could say that it’s a true democracy and one in which various members have certain agreed upon responsibilities, etc.

    Let’s note that Atlant DECLINED a leadership role which, in an actual cult, people usually very much desire to attain. I only deeply hope his actions will serve as a model for the majority of people who do aspire to roles of leadership in politics, for instance. And should any of the clearly unqualified, aspiring “leaders” go ahead and pursue such roles, it is also hoped that they will come to their senses in time to repeat that famous quote, “Should I be elected – I will demand a recount!”

  5. is definitely not a fan of the meier case or MH for representing Meier. Of course they choose to ignore the thousands of pages written and focus on debunking meier through his photos/videos. a blogger by the name of batdancer had great arguments and posted Meier photos of great quality, aerial views, and depth. Still the ignorant debunker, chose to ignore and had the stance of “i’m right and no evidence will prove me wrong”. Also they stated Derek’s stance was truly skeptical and not once mentioned Derek’s retracted claims. Like you have said many times before MH, these scientific debunkers seem like decent scientist, yet lack the ability to fully examine a case thoroughly as real scientist do before making a claim.

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