“You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Ah yes, that famous line uttered by Jack Nicholson, which couldn’t be more appropriate and accurate than it is today. That’s because so many people, when faced with the truth, simply call the bearer of the truth a liar. Indeed, they can’t handle the truth. It should also be said that since there’s no shortage of liars today, it’s easier to thusly label anyone who says such highly controversial and uncomfortably thought-provoking things. So I think it’s time to revisit the accusations against Billy Meier of lying about his experiences, i.e. his contacts with extraterrestrial human beings…for those who can handle  the truth.

Lie Detector Tests

In case you don’t know or may have forgotten, not only did Meier and 16 other people all take and all completely pass (100% truthful) lie detector tests but…

Oooops, wait, there they go again, “Lie detector tests are unreliable, people can beat them, etc., etc.!”

Right, all 17, basically ordinary, credible people “beat” the lie detector, somehow, and for reasons unknown. Now,if you were accused of something you didn’t do like lying, or if you claimed things that were being called into question, and 16 people all came forward and, along with you, took and completely passed lie detector tests in support of your truthfulness…just how dismissive would you be of the test results then? Right again.

Bring in the Army Special Forces 

Of course there’s even more to it than that. When we were making our documentary on Meier, The Silent Revolution of Truth, not only did I bring in a psychotherapist to talk about “delusional disorders” – since I thought it was only fair to have a professional comment about someone who maintains, for decades, that they meet with extraterrestrials – I also brought in another specialist, an expert consultant in reading body language for the U.S. Army Special Forces. I had him watch parts of our already filmed interview with Meier…with the sound off. Then I had him watch more with the sound on. It turned out that he didn’t understand what Meier was saying in German but I didn’t want to take the chance and have it possibly color his evaluation.

I then had him watch a segment with Phobol Cheng, the retired UN diplomat who had not only witnessed Meier and the UFOs but also the extraterrestrial, Asket, back in 1964, at the Ashoka ashram in India. His verdict on both Meier and Ms. Cheng was that they were being…truthful. So, along with the dozens and dozens of eyewitnesses, which included some of the people who had passed the lie detector tests in support of Meier’s truthfulness (including Meier’s ex-wife, by the way) we now have a “thumbs up” from an expert whose skills are taught to Special Forces soldiers, so that they can immediately assess incongruities that indicate danger, dishonesty and other threats to their safety from unconsciously given signals and cues in body language.

Though the skeptics already imply that Meier has mastered some 30 or more disciplines, technologies, sciences, etc. to “hoax” his evidence, hopefully they won’t foolishly claim that he foresaw the need, and then somehow mastered control of his body’s subconscious reactions and expressions, so well that the trained, prying eyes and senses of an expert – that Special Forces soldiers rely on to teach them such life-or-death essential skills – can’t detect. Or, perhaps they’ll resort to attacking the expert consultant…if they still can’t handle the truth.

Touch This

Why was it even necessary to have done all this, or to bring it up now? Well, in addition to the general public that I referred to in my opening, the various skeptics and little league “scientists” do still resort to calling Meier hoaxer and a liar when faced with the avalanche of incontrovertible, ironclad evidence of his verifiable authenticity, despite the ever-increasing confirmation of his most urgent warnings. Oh what mental gymnastics some people tumble through, in their desperate attempts to hide from the truth and to continue to live their “virtual”, fantasy-based lives on the internet.

The funny thing is that not just a few of these deniers are very immersed in science fiction, with all that it implies. But bring them face to face with the most remarkable, true story in all of human history and they simply want to retreat and play with their…touch screens, which, it turns out, Meier had also already described decades before the technology made its public appearance.

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  1. We may slowly be venturing into the age of knowledge and wisdom while leaving the age of beliefs behind, but I guess the age of denial and obliviousness still overarchs our course.

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