A letter to a participant on a skeptic site that attacks the Billy Meier case

Dear Jennifer,

You’ve asked for the metal samples to be tested again, so I’d like to ask you some questions.

First, as you know, people on the skeptic’s blog have been asking lots of questions, posing challenges and of course insinuating that everyone and everything connected to the Billy Meier case is a liar, part of a hoax, etc. You’ve probably noticed that as soon as I answer one question their tendencies are to either disregard the answer and jump to yet another question, or offer ill thought out rebuttals, more accusations, etc.

And since none of these people have put any significant amount of time into the actual study of this voluminous material, it means that they aren’t interested in trying to find the truth – after all couldn’t it be different than they assume it to be? The problem is that they’ve already made their minds up because they’re not only skeptics, they’re cynics, which means that they’re certainly anything but objective or logical.

For instance, I was asked to prove that Wendelle Stevens actually published that he had the documents that contain Meier’s Jupiter and Io information as of March 9, 1979, days before NASA announced these important “new discoveries”. The implication of course was that either I was lying or Stevens was. Now the same person that issued the demand didn’t bother to obtain Stevens’ books himself, he wanted me to do that work for him, which isn’t the way I came to research all this information myself. But this is the internet age where immature people think that everything is merely a click or two away, so lost in laziness and self-delusion are many because they’ve never done any real in-depth investigation and leg-work themselves.

Anyway, had I just said, “Well, of course it’s in the Preliminary Investigation Report, on pages 88 – 89,” the questioner would have simply resorted to his familiar ways, jumping to another question, or demanding more proof…without getting the book to see for himself. Since I didn’t tell him that information, he continued to bang away on it amateurishly, as if he’s found some gaping hole in the facts…instead of the gaping hole in his own intellectually inadequate thinking, if one can call it that. No matter of course that this same person simply posted outright lies and misrepresentations of factual information. No, on to the next thing and…don’t look back.

Similarly, the same person tried to make an issue out of another small point about a camera and, again thinking that I can’t answer it, he displays his ignorance in trying to make it central to the evidence. Of course I can answer it and of course it isn’t central to the evidence, it’s peripheral to what we’re really discussing.

Now to your request about retesting the metal samples and yes, retesting them is what you would like. Just as a side note, would you also like all other scientific tests that you didn’t have the opportunity to personally witness in human history to be redone, including those that are also already well documented and available, or are you willing to take the word of some experts…but not others?

If the samples were retested by a panel of the world’s top scientists, and they unanimously agreed that they were not of earthly manufacture, what would you do then, Jennifer? Would you then plunge headlong into the study of the 26,000+ pages of information that Meier has published to date? Would you take to heart the warnings about specific events that Meier has long foretold? Would you, if you’re an American, be concerned that he’s foretold the destruction of your lovely country (and the causal reasons for it), in documents long since published that contain warnings about specific events that have already occurred, or are visibly in the process of occurring?

If those metal samples proved to be of non-earthly origin, would you turn your attention to the volumes of – completely non-religious spiritual and consciousness related teaching freely offered? Would you begin to see your life in a different, less cynical way then and contemplate these reflections from, and which tell us a lot about, the same man who originally presented the metal samples for testing?

If those samples proved to be of non-earthly origin, would they be the focal point of your thinking and concerns, or would the vast body of knowledge and wisdom also presented by the same man gain your attention?

If the answer to these questions is essentially “No, I’m just interested in the extraterrestrial technologies,” then we’re both wasting our time. Technology itself hasn’t prevented us from getting into an almost bottomless pit, obviously.

And if the answer is, “Yes, then I’d be interested in seeing what they and he had to say to us,” my only answer is, “What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose by studying and determining the validity of the information for yourself now?”

You see, Jennifer, those of us most interested in, and associated with, the Billy Meier case, as it’s called, aren’t looking to make extraterrestrials our authorities or new gods. We don’t value the information just because it has come from them. We simply have come to recognize the value of the wisdom, knowledge and experience that has been expressed by them and the man they worked with here on Earth for the past 70 years. And that includes the abundant, prophetically accurate, scientific information.

No amount of discussion with…cynics will create any progress. There will always be a new diversion, a new rebuttal not based on the facts but on casting aspersions and doubts that are based on the beliefs of their religion. In fact, these skeptics, these cynics are close companions to other religious fundamentalists, for whom no worldview but the one that they’ve been indoctrinated in – and cling tightly to – will do.

And we all know what happens when one tries to deal rationally with fundamentalists.

So, Jennifer, will you still wait for someone else to tell you if the metal samples are of non-earthly origin…before you think this matter through for yourself?

All the best,
















6 comments on “Dear Jennifer

  • Some people don’t want the truth even when they ask for it , and the more you push , the more they want to knock you down and that,s what it’s really all about . If you win the argument , they will just walk away or go silent ; for awhile , then pop up later to bash someone else ; perhaps a return bout with you . It,s the nature of the beast I guess . Free will is also their choice too ; unfortunately it’s often used to try and cause havoc in someones life and gain some silly little fleeting perverse pleasure . Their are still those who will ALWAYS want the truth .

  • Just a little question on the side ; is anyone else getting the feeling that their memory is getting worse . A bit like a head cold that will not go away ?

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