Why I Won’t Be on C2C Anymore

…and why that’s okay.

I recently sent C2C host, reporter George Knapp a couple of emails, suggesting he interview me again, both of which apparently really ruffled his feathers. As I did convey to him, it wasn’t my intention to be as insulting as he interpreted them to be. The lines that he pointed out that inflamed him were:

“In fact, focusing on anything but the Meier case as far as UFO related matters goes, is a huge waste of time that only continues to produce the very evident dead-ends. Having said that, I’d be delighted to address those claims and any challenges to them if you’d like.”


“Here’s our newest press release. I would only ask…is the Meier case now considered too hot to handle at C2C?”

I do think George is a pretty good journalist. His interview with me on C2C some years ago, and Art Bell’s blast-furnace, four-hour one about eight years ago, were probably two of the best I’ve had. (Listeners – and Art’s producer! – were so outraged at how “hard” they thought Art had been on me that I got tons of emails to that effect…even though I thought he’d just done a very good job of demanding that I substantiate both Meier’s and my claims.)

So it looks like George Knapp may be getting just a wee bit touchy, sensitive and all that. However, he did make it perfectly clear that, “C2C is supposed to be fun, entertaining, and informative,” which, as I pointed out to him, were pretty much the reverse order for those three priorities, as far as what I focus on is concerned.

And I did point out to him that while he objected to my categorizing UFO/ET shows done on anything but the Meier case as a waste of time…he certainly hadn’t inundated me with any evidence to the contrary. I also said that there’s nothing at all ET to most of the UFO stories, which may make more sense to you when you look at some very interesting information that George Filer (the MUFON “maverick” that I referred to here) has just posted on his website:

Rand’s Founders Held the Secret of UFOs

Please also see Billy Meier’s information in Contact 441 that now not only gives credence to what George Filer presented but also is validated by it. And I think it may become even more important should there be a fake “alien attack” complete with secret military “UFOs”. (One thing’s for certain, there won’t be any attacks from any actual extraterrestrials, we’re already doing a pretty thorough job of destroying ourselves.)

I will say that there are helpful people at C2C who are very interested in the Meier case and who successfully fought to get me on the show, many with George Noory. And of course I offered George Knapp (hard to tell the George’s apart without name tags) a link to where he could get caught up on all of the corroborating information on the Meier case.

When George said, “You know that I have an ongoing interest in the Meier material and am open to it…unlike a lot of others in this field……but your approach, like your interpersonal skills, really stinks.”

…my response was, “Well of course it’s your choice to not have me on but it does beg the question for me, at what point does an ‘ongoing interest’ come down conclusively one way or the other? Is there actually any question left in your mind of Meier’s authenticity and his unique status? Just maybe incorrigible little ol’ me is in a position to answer that…even privately.”

Needless to say, George neither responded to the questions nor the offer.

This is certainly no attack or indictment of George Knapp, C2C, etc. It’s really an assessment and commentary. I have the feeling that from here on it won’t be particularly important to try to get on radio shows, etc. Increasingly disruptive events may be coming in the world and, honestly, we’ve dedicated so much time and energy to trying to wake up the sleepy masses that it will, unfortunately, be primarily in retrospect that these efforts will be both appreciated and seen as unfortunately futile in terms of effecting those for whom they were originally intended.

Ironically, I had just pointed out that the same prioritizing of entertainment and distractions above being informed and knowing the truth can come at an extremely high price.




7 Replies to “Why I Won’t Be on C2C Anymore”

  1. Michael, I would love to hear you on C2C again; most importantly, to pique the minds of the listening audience. I have requested you as a guest a few times, however, I stopped listening to C2C years ago, after I became engaged with the Meier material. Most of what is on C2C is irrelavant and frankly, untrue in light of the Meier material. If I want answers, I always refer to it.

  2. i loved the article about the moon landing, linked in at the end… when i first read about that story, just after the photos were released, i almost fell over laughing…

  3. Well you have done it again,told the truth and got rebuffed. You need too make future disasters fun and entertaining. “Did you hear about the one where billions of people died laughing” ?? Hmmm

  4. Hi Michael, it’s unfortunate to hear that a C2C host like George Knapp could be so perturbed towards your very non-aggressive, truthful, and matter-a-fact statements. Hopefully C2C comes to the realization that not hosting you would be simply a shame on their part.

    Also, I know this question doesn’t relate to what’s being discussed here; but, what are your thoughts on GOP Republican candidate Ron Paul? I’m not a very political person, and I’ve never voted, but everything this candidate is saying sounds eerily true and some of his proposed policies almost sound like Paul had been reading the Meier material.. I know you attempt to steer clear of politics, after-all from understanding Meier we know politics are pretty useless; but nevertheless, it would be interesting to here your comment on this, perhaps in your next USTREAM Radio Show.

    Thanks Michael.



    1. Hello mike, I heard you on Howard Hughes,The Unexplained podcast. I thought Howard did ok. Has he asked you to be on his show again?I would love to hear an interview with a follow up rather than always having to start from the beginning of the Meier case. I love hearing your interviews but they all seem to be replays as you never seem to be on a show more than once. I bet your tired of explaining the beginning of the Meier case. It would be nice to hear interviews going deeper into the Meier case rather than “Billy is a one armed man living in Switzerland……”its just that I think you are the best person to be Billys rep and your so good at telling his story. I was thinking maybe you could read the goblet of truth when it finally gets published and create an audiobook version of it as it would be nice to listen to while I’m working. Your probably way to busy. Idk what do you think M.H.?

      1. Mike,

        I haven’t heard back from Howard Hughes, please feel free to let him know what you thought too, maybe he’ll want to do another show.

        That’s an interesting idea with the Goblet, don’t know though if it’s already in the works with someone else, etc.

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