Rising skeptical star eclipsed by super-nova, the dark, skeptical night illuminated by Germanic Jennifer’s close encounter with the truth 

A young astronomer, who bills himself as a skeptic – rather than a scientist – may have bitten off more than he can…Chew*. Stuart Robbins, who specialized in targeting the flimsy claims of lightweight paranormal theorists, has himself been skewered – and embarrassingly so – by one of his own fellow skeptics.

Gravitational Collapse

On a recent blog Robbins again chose to go after Michael Horn’s claims regarding the evidence in the Billy Meier case. As the predictable attacking, skeptical responses mounted to Horn’s rebuttals, along with demands he prove that there was verifiable documentation from Wendelle Stevens to support Meier’s claims, an unexpected thing happened.

A German-speaking skeptic named Jennifer mentioned (post 93.) having read Meier’s German language book, ‘Existentes Leben im Universum’. The book, first published in 1978, not only accurately predicts the discovery of a then unknown comet and that it would be named Toutatis – it also contains Meier’s accurate prediction that two unknown planetoids beyond Pluto would be discovered around the turn of the century.

Thus, Jennifer becomes the first skeptic** to admit having read two examples of Meier’s prophetically accurate information, verifiably published years, and decades, before the “official discoveries” were made.

Robbins’ reaction to such stunning, heretical and personally embarrassing news supporting Meier’s authenticity, and to subsequent requests by Horn for accountable and professional, scientific conduct, was…stony silence. He had catapulted himself – and any credibility – into a black hole.

Volcanic Implications 

The significance of this is even greater than it may seem. The issue under dispute at the point at which Jennifer serendipitously demolished Robbins’ pseudo-science, was Meier’s prophetically accurate information that Jupiter’s moon, Io, was the most volcanically active body in the solar system. The skeptics, of course, claimed that Meier either backdated, or retrodicted, the information.

The documentation that Horn provided rebuts such unfounded, defamatory claims, proves Wendelle Stevens’ prior possession of the information and also just happens to refer to, and confirm, the prophetically accurate Pluto information.

Could one ask for anything more? Well, even if they didn’t, indeed more exists.

And Now, Back to the Future 

Meier actually first predicted the discoveries regarding Pluto’s satellites…in 1958. That makes a chain of three publications foretelling the planetoids beyond Pluto, going back to 1958.

Wouldn’t it be wise to study the rest of the prophecies contained in Meier’s two letters (going back to 1951) as well as all of the other prophetic and predictive information he’s since published…and try to make some course corrections in time?

Wouldn’t it especially be prudent to (re)visit the Henoch Prophecies and what they bode for America (and the rest of the world), especially in light of rather foreboding information pertaining to possible forthcoming attacks from Russia? Even for those who can handle the truth, the implications are both mind-blowing and frightening.

Gaseous Clouds 

It’s time that Robbins, Phil Plait, Stephen Novella, Michael Shermer, James Randi, Seth Shostak et al, stop their adolescent snickering, and their portraying of Meier as some kook. The unimaginable havoc and damage from the impact of the Red Meteor, aka asteroid Apophis, could be another cost of their cynicism.

So long as Robbins, who’s gone from seeking the starlight to being stuck like a deer in the headlights, continues to define himself as a skeptic he will remain a pseudo-scientist, like his cohorts. And until we have evidence to the contrary, perhaps the conjecture that *Chew and Stu and maybe a few…other anonymous skeptics are one in the same person may not really be such a wild one – at least for a skeptic, right?

**Jennifer is not however the first skeptic to help support the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts. Please see this information.

NOTE: Please also see the Comments sections here and here for examples of what happens when either Robbins, or his equally pseudo-scientific supporters venture outside of the relative safety of their cultic online compounds.

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  • You see Michael, there is no such thing as proof, only belief. The scientists cannot prove you wrong and you cannot prove you right. They cannot even prove that they are right and you cannot prove they are wrong. Even science is just a belief system. When scientists say they have proved something, they just mean ‘satisfied themselves enough to believe it is correct’. Like wise with your stance. But if you have to delete posts to maintain your stance then your belief must be weak.

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