Yesterday we made a small footnote reference to information that scientists may be coming closer to discovering the opposite of black holes, which they refer to as white holes.

Of course I thought that the opposite of a hole, which goes in may just be a bulge, which goes out. Kind of more like what Billy Meier had been talking about back in…1986.

I guess time will tell on that one. And maybe time will tell on this one also. Scientists announced that they’re questioning their own theories and conclusions about where the “asteroid” came from that killed the dinosaurs. Perhaps they may also be coming closer to confirming Billy Meier’s information from 1978 about the “comet”, originating from outside the orbit of Pluto that did the deed.

I’m sorry, did I just say, “confirming Billy Meier’s information”? Of course I meant to say when scientists make a “new discovery” that a comet from beyond Pluto’s orbit was the culprit.

Special thanks once again to Mahigitam, whose diligent scouring of the news uncovered the information. And I’ve also sent an email to the two scientists at NASA listed on the announcement, Whitney Calvin and Trent Perrotto, to let them know that we’re not only following the information but…we’re here to help.

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