At the Threshold

It may be too early to say if the latest reported breakthrough regarding a subatomic particle exceeding the speed of light will hold.

But just for the record, it seems that pesky Mr. Smarty Pants Swiss farmer, Billy Meier, is at it again. Or I should say, he has been for a very long time.

Search the links below for “speed of light” – and feel free to bypass any other information in them that you’re sure is absolute nonsense (like astrology) or that you may not feel quite ready for:

Excerpt from Contact 4


Regarding Jehovah

We are at the threshold of true space travel, which isn’t the same thing as hurling tin cans at the moon. But that is a necessary, somewhat primitive,  first step. If we survive ourselves, sometime in the distant future we may become a true, united, space traveling, human race. And we’ll look back over our history and perhaps lament that humanity wasn’t intelligent, logical,or  open minded enough to have taken full advantage of learning from Meier while he was here, as the final prophet for humankind.

Mixing the scientific context of space travel with mentioning a “prophet” will short out some people’s wires, simply because they don’t understand that a true prophet is someone who has great, masterful understanding of the actual workings of the law of cause and effect, a universal law of physics. Things don’t happen because a prophet says so; he just happens to know that they will happen because of the causal actions that dictate the results.

And the purpose of prophecies is to awaken us so that we may act in time to change the course of events to more favorable outcomes. A review of the various prophecies and predictions, and how many have already been (or are on their way to being) fulfilled, will give you an idea of humanity’s collective batting average and IQ.

So while we stand at the threshold, let’s hope that it’s one that leads to a new era in science, peace and understanding…and not to an abyss dictated by our ignorance, arrogance and aggression.


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