Reminder to Keep an Eye on Cumbre Vieja Volcano

This news seems to have been missed by many major news-reporting services:

Volcano Eruption Fears – El Hierro Canary Island Following Earthquakes

So it may be a good idea to note this information from Billy Meier regarding the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma. There will be an approximately six-hour window of opportunity to flee areas on the east coast of the U.S., should the eruption and tsunami occur. The time frames are much shorter in various countries closer to where the event will occur.

And of course there is still the looming danger of the earthquake and tsunami off the Oregon coast, which is a prediction by the Plejaren and Meier, meaning it will occur with absolute certainty.

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  1. 8,000 tremors since july 19th, latest 4.1 magnitude all around the island of El Hierro just to the south of La Palma, yet no mention by USGS????? Yes keep a close eye indeed.

  2. Hey Guys, Im sorry to dissapoint some of you but even if Cumbre Vieja erupts on the Canary Islands the chance of a “Mega-Tsunami” are very very remote. The geological model of the scientists who predict that the entire mountain will collapse into the ocean has been debunked by several, more complete theories as to what could happen.

    The MOST likely scenario is that the water pockets inside the mountain would vaporize causing the dirt to crumble down into the ocean bit by bit instead of all at once. Even if the locals would still be hit by 5-7 ft waves, it wouldnt be anything near as powerful to even reach the coasts of USA and South America.

  3. Here is a very detailed article from the University of California Santa Cruz
    on not only the directional path of destruction but also the time it will take after the event comes to be
    Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands

    you can also get a notifications not only from Dutchsinse but also from the USGS

    1. Billy explains in quite some detail that an individual can, providing they know what they’re doing, read or interpret perceptually, or be aware of, their subconscious.

      Some fancy words there really, it basically to keep it boring and simple means that certain sensitive individuals will know its going to happen before it happens, my advice to anyone capable of receiving it, is to follow the creative sensitive individuals, for whatever that is worth to you or anyone able to know what or how to do that.

        1. For me to word it more bluntly here. Those individuals are going to know where to stand, what to say, when to, how to, why to, and in what sequence, every single time and this will continue up until around the middle of the 5th millennium when they’ll then leave, by which time the 3 million year evolution humans, my word will have learnt a lesson, hopefully they’ll never forget. Usually those individuals have plenty of time for the vulnerable but they’re not going to proselytise anyone during a time of danger, they’ll be too busy concentrating, so make sure you work out what they are doing, make the best of it if you can’t stop them and philosophically respect them and develop enough of a raport with those sensitive creative individuals to know where roughly to stand in times of danger. It’s up to you, the choice is an opportunity.

          1. Pretending their stupid Michael Horn, I am talking about pretending that they don’t know what is going on yet perceive it very well enough.

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