The Silent Revolution of Truth, the documentary about the Billy Meier UFO Contact case, is now available online for free viewing.

This is a great time to see the film and learn more about the man who is at the center of what is arguably the most important story in all of human history. As Meier’s astoundingly accurate prophecies and predictions begin to unfold with ever-increasing frequency, there still may be time for us to make critical course corrections in certain areas…providing enough of us are willing to learn and to make the necessary changes.

You’ll want your friends and family to know about this film but do know that it can provoke intense reactions because of Meier’s controversial claims and views on subjects like religion, immigration, overpopulation, etc. So be prepared for a very thought-provoking and challenging experience. Because nothing speaks louder than…

…The Silent Revolution of Truth.






5 comments on ““The Silent Revolution of Truth” Now Online…Free!

  • Hi,

    I have it on DVD and I think have watched it around 4 or more times :). It’s very good, thanks. BTW I listen to your show too and have to say it’s really good!


  • This truth burns as the brightest light that you could never hide in all of Creation. Truth is the greatest gift that Creation has given to its creations. Truth really does set you free. I am full of tears of joy! Never…never in my life, in every cell of my body do i feel so very loved. I can’t find the words to describe it. TRUTH IS LOVE! Wish everyone knew this.

  • I know the people in the world are in for some very hard times. But the future is going to get better with time. This is truthfully the most important story in all human history. A story of true hope for our children,and the children to come for many years. I am so excited!

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