The Kind of Criticism I Like!

I really mean it. When someone posts a comment like this:

“Just to let you know…..

I am going through the material that you sugested…and quite frankly, im astonished at the Nasa stuff!!!!..

Why on earth did you not make more of this in your film??????…

I will say to ppl that are maybe just scanning the comments, look below… READ IT!!!…(and around it!!!.)

Trust me…its worth it!!!!!..

Ill get back you on the rest Mr Horn…




…after watching actually looking at information that I posted in the Comments section where The Silent Revolution of Truth is now available for free online viewing, I couldn’t be happier. You should be able to find it on that page, around the 500+ mark for comments; he has posted a number of them. You can find my responses to him there too.

This is the kind of thing I’ve been hoping would happen for years, i.e. that people who challenged the credibility of case would actually look into with an open mind and realize what a treasure of information exists within it.

If you haven’t seen the film yet – or really looked into the voluminous evidence and information freely available – please do so at your earliest possible convenience.

And see all of the evidence and documentation

4 Replies to “The Kind of Criticism I Like!”

  1. While I am in favour of the Billy Meier / Plejaren material, I do know that there are many aspects to it, that can turn people off it, when they read stuff which reads like science fiction – Time travel, meeting ‘Jesus’, Gizeh Intelligences, Nazi UFOs – but there are the sensible warnings about – Overpopulation (we are our worst enemy), oil extraction is causing earthquakes to be more severe and more dangerous than ever, and a lot of other sensible advice.

    Of course, contact with ETs, would of course naturally give us insights and information than we could ever imagine was possible – and to fill us in on the history of this earth and solar system – gives us a richer history than we could ever imagine – outclassing Star Wars and other science fiction stories.


  2. Yo-Harvey. Hi., sure wish i knew what you were trying to say friend. Where did you ever learn to write? And i gather you didn’t proof read your info before posting it!? Thanks!!

  3. Note – what I wrote, was not in reply to anything, at all – but just a general comment about the Billy Meier material content. I don’t know my way around this particular site, and so while it may look like it was initially a reply to something – it really wasn’t. Sorry for not having it in the right place… etc.

  4. Congrats Harvey pay no attention to detractors because they even exist in this bunch they only critize your intellect and try to knock you down (which they obvious down try to implement te teachings) welcome and enjoy the journey

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