What’s the old saying, “Give a person enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”? Sometimes a person will reveal their deviousness and dishonesty when they think that they’ve got it very well concealed. They’ll actually find it irresistible to show you just how clever and crafty they are and, in the process, nakedly reveal (even to themselves, one has to hope) their utter foolishness…as well as confirm the very thing they’re trying so desperately to deny.

To the point, I had engaged in my longest ever online battling on a skeptical blog. I’ve written about this, and its host, Stuart Robbins, before. For some reason, which wasn’t clear then but is now, I hung in there, battling it out with a few other diehard deniers, and Robbins – the self-proclaimed “scientist” who refused to look at Billy Meier’s evidence – until he made a fast escape. Most of them fell by the wayside too; some even ended up admitting that Meier’s prophetic information was accurate.

This is no small thing for the religiously rigid (or vice versa) skeptics.

These unforeseen defections encouraged Robbins to extend his vacation and focus on writing lightweight attacks on various flimsy New Age targets, etc. But there was still one little denier determined to mock the Meier information at every turn, an amateurish, predictably anonymous, low achiever seeking to pump up his own self-image by attacking someone, and something, far greater than himself.

You’re certainly free to read through the entire, torturous debate there, if you don’t have another handy outlet for your masochism. But I’ll just post the last two pertinent comments, one from me, and one from the delightful character who calls himself Chew Bird. So you’ll understand it just a bit better, he had mockingly challenged the Plejaren  to predict some more events (like we don’t see enough of them fulfilling right before our eyes?) and to top it all off, defiantly challenged them to also reveal what number he had written on a piece of paper that he put on top of his TV set:


First things first. Either disprove or acknowledge the factual accuracy of Meier’s Jupiter-Io information and its verifiable publication BEFORE “official discovery” by NASA, or acknowledge and admit that it’s accurate, which proves Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts. THEN you will get the verification of your number. Comment by Michael Horn — November 5, 2011 @ 6:40 am | Reply

Why? So you can make another idiotic “skeptics admit” press release? No thanks. Instead I’ll claim “Horn chickens out when asked for a specific non-vague actual prediction before the event actually happened.” Comment by Chew Bird — November 5, 2011 @ 12:27 pm | Reply


It seems that Mr. Bird didn’t quite realize that he was in fact doing exactly what he didn’t want to do, i.e. admitting that Meier was correct, is authentic and that extraterrestrial contact is the only explanation. He could have opted to dispute Meier’s factual accuracy, etc., as that was the other choice…if only he had the ammunition.

Allow me to dwell on and savor this for just a moment, especially since the intention of the person I’m writing about has indeed been to obfuscate and destroy the undeniable truth. I like how life has a way of revealing both its own laws of operation and those who willingly, defiantly try to flaunt them. Now truly, if only we could see much more rapid justice on a grander scale in the world it would be even more gratifying. If only the lies, falseness and deceit were revealed and stripped away so quickly that potential wrongdoers would stop and consider the ramifications before acting.

What a wonderfully different world this would be.

It probably doesn’t sit too well with Robbins, whose arrogant, unscientific handling of the whole opportunity imploded on him too. Just what is it about all of these skeptics, these pseudo-scientists, that they’re so damn uncomfortable about Billy Eduard Albert Meier in fact being at the center of the most important story in all of history…and a veritable gold mine for real scientists? Is it simply because they’re green with envy that it wasn’t them? Do superficial celebrity-seekers like Robbins just view it as a career killer, unable to let themselves be in awe, unable to see the opportunities for immense knowledge and scientific advancement?

Now I should keep my word, especially in light of how Chewie closed out his career by being yet another skeptic on that blog to confirm Meier. So, in response to the number that he wrote on that piece of paper, which he put on top of his TV, allow me to reveal it.

Chew Bird, it turns out that – just like Robbins and the other skeptics – your number is…up.

Figuratively, of course.


Be sure to The Silent Revolution of Truth, now available online for free viewing.

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14 comments on “A Thing of Perverse Beauty

  • Meier has often been accused of making “lucky guesses”, despite the fact that in scientific matters he is, as far as I can tell, impeccably accurate, error-free. When you go over the approx. 150 or so specific, preemptively accurate scientific facts that Meier has published (I should say that have found their way into English in the few thousand pages that have been translated out of more than 26,000+)…logic tells us that he has a source that i, as David Froning said, “some very knowledgeable scientists”. (See: http://theyfly.com/Scientific_Experts.html)

    And the the answer, consistent with Occam’s Razor, is that they indeed are the Plejaren extraterrestrials. The other alternative is to credit Meier himself with what would amount to “supernatural powers”, which I’m sure the skeptics themselves would not be very comfortable with either.

  • This may be true but one case of jupiter’s moon Io does not prove your case. I am still sceptical of the heavy buildings cause earthquakes. Each other case has to a) be taken on merit and b) not suffer the Icke syndrome.

  • Actually, if you look at the information, the specificity, details, when it was officially corroborated, etc. it’s absolutely stunning. And then when you factor in the other 130+, there’s no other possible, credible, substantiated conclusion.



    So, if you’re as reasonable and fair minded as I suspect you may be, then either it will be very clear and obvious, or of course you will make a documented, substantiated argument to the contrary.

    All of this is impersonal in the extreme; it’s either true or it isn’t. And when all legitimate, honest challenges are exhausted then of course that fact is acknowledged and one moves on to consider the implications.

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