“Praying” for Those Who’ve Been Preyed Upon

First, odds are that the full extent of the abuse, depravity and perversion at Penn State is not yet known. But what we can already see is disgusting evidence of the moral rot, and lack of real, true values, at the heart of our country.

The worship of sports and its personnel is an idiotic epidemic largely infecting those who don’t have lives of their own but must live vicariously through the activities of others. No, not everyone who likes sports, etc. is an idiot, obviously. But it’s beyond shameful that those whose passions run so high for what are only games and the people that play them would, even for a moment, prioritize their team affiliations, school loyalties, etc. over the plight of young boys, or girls, who’ve been raped.

Where the hell are their priorities, values, ethics, morals, etc.?

It’s also a clear sign of mental illness that the “beloved” coach – who may indeed be the greatest in the game, etc. and SO WHAT? – upon hearing about the crimes (apparently for at least the second time) said he would “pray” for the victims, i.e. babble to a non-existent deity which, if it ever did exist, failed quite miserably as well to protect the boys in the first place.

So let’s…remind the guy-in-the-sky – who’s as real as the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause – to, well to do what?

What doesn’t seem to be in dispute is that a grown man, who was informed of the crimes long ago, failed to act to protect the boys, failed to even report the abominable criminal to the police. And now, consistent with the illogical, belief-based mindset of this “good Christian nation”, can only respond by irresponsibly, stupidly – but unfortunately not surprisingly – announcing that he’ll be “praying” to some presumed outside force.

If only such a creature existed, wouldn’t you think that after creating the universe, everything in it and all its immutable laws, it wouldn’t constantly have to be reminded of how IT screwed up by allowing the horrors of life, many perpetrated by horrible people, to be visited upon innocents?

Of course it also wouldn’t have to be reminded, for the past couple of thousand years, just how it screwed up people’s lives by forgetting to give them everything they wanted, or failing to make sure that their favorite…football team won their games, etc.

Perhaps it would be almost harmless enough, if people hadn’t been conditioned to accept the insane notion that the worst and most vile of human behavior can be “prayed away” when innocents have been preyed upon.

Above: A painting by Michael Horn, from 1964, that portrays the worship of football and the deification of players in America. America – specifically Alabama because of all the racism associated with it in the 60s – is symbolized by the man with the “A” on his hat, revealing the dark side of his nature, as his exposed hand transforms into a menacing, animalistic claw. He is standing under a flag with a skull and cross bones with an “X” on it.

Above the flag is an image of Malcolm X (the “X” on the flag connecting his demise with the consciousness indicated by the flag and the man beneath it). The character hiding behind the sunglasses basks in false piety amid the trappings of religious authority.

5 Replies to ““Praying” for Those Who’ve Been Preyed Upon”

  1. Mike – Amen, brother – it is amazing to see the ludicrous and insane defense of a man who probably knew about his close friend and his actions and still didn’t do anything about it. Did not hear he offered prayers to God which is again beyond laughable, when at the end of the day, he could have done something. But when it comes to money, power, fame, it truly trumps self-responsibility and sense of ethics/morals/etc. We need help

  2. This is the same thing with the Catholic Church, when the priests molest little kids; yet, the followers are still loyal to them. Joe Paterno knew his friend was doing this and did not go to the police. If Joe would of went to the police immediataly, he would still have his career and he would been liked even more. But, he decided to keep quiet about it.

  3. Every teacher, and staff are required by law and protected from ramifications and obligated to report to the police directly and to inform the administration. The administration also has a duty to cooperate. Having been on a college football team I received preferential treatment avoiding academic suspension and given tutors paid by the college. Any standards broken were shuffled under the table by “All” staff and academia, as if it were the unspoken protocol not to be a roadblock at any level to the success of the “Team”. To many examples of inhumanity to each other where preying on each other is at times the prayers of the faithful, not to be caught. It is difficult to clearly live and think and do in a way that compliments our creation in a world of leaders and followers who lead / follow for that ever elusive, fraudulent, sake of power that is an illusion who’s trappings is limit enlightenment in the midst of “powers” pit of darkness. Sorry for rambling on, but that is how this planets people choose to live out there creation. I think those who evolve beyond this will have to separate themselves from these “powers” in order to continue to evolve. So, even though laws are written, there intent is lost and they seem to be reactions to terrible events than thought out ways to live and conduct oneself correctly. I fall prey to these negative tendencies just by the very nature of being around it. Not only is there an anesthetic nature to darkness, but also it draws one in via one’s own weakness of mind, spirit and character. To strengthen the spirit is the only hope I see, free from religion, political, and corporate hierarchical systems, which, by it’s very nature gives one the illusion that they have power for the fact they are getting money and acting as one of our fearless leaders. To get oneself from this pit of power/darkness is the most difficult task. It means turning away from the power illusion, which is addictive as being fueled by anger or rage (which .

  4. Apparently the coach prayed so much that he realized that he didn’t do anything wrong. Is that what religion does to a person, make them right even if they are wrong? How sick is that?
    If all the people who knew about this coach and did nothing were to be charged with being an accessory to the crime, maybe that would change the secrecy involved in this type of abuse?
    Yeah, take a criminal charge for the team! Show us what you’re made of! You can do it! Give me a P! Give me an E! Give me a D! Give me an O! Now give me an S! What does that spell! Pedos! Pedos! Go to jail! Don’t give them any bail!

  5. Joe Paterno, the media has been labeling him as a bad guy. It was Sandusky that molested the children not him. If the children’s parents knew that their children was molested by Sandusky, they should of went to the police right away. The parents should get most of the blame and probably should get arrested. The board of trustees at Penn State should get fired.

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