The Insane, Lying, Greedy Lunatics Are at It Again!

…or What Else Is New?

Yes, another oil spill, this time off the coast of Brazil, where I’ve been living.

So, is this being given major news coverage yet in the states?

And of course while blaming Chevron is the easy thing to do, isn’t it true that we all share in the blame for perpetuating this toxic technology?

It’s time to force the powers that be to…turn their profit-seeking to deep geothermal energy. At least the dangers to the environment, and to all living creatures, are miniscule in comparison.

5 Replies to “The Insane, Lying, Greedy Lunatics Are at It Again!”

  1. Michael, Thanks for keeping us updated. Isn’t it sad the media would rather report on Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorcing, and not the real global news? You are so right about greedy lunatics at it again.

  2. If you like celebrity news,

    Check this new LAPD development about reopening the Natalie Wood case and what the Plejaren said to Billy…

    You might want to keep and eye on Contact Report 150, Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM, Line 111. On the death of actress Natalie Wood and the latest L.A.P.D. reopening of the case.

    See also: The BBC, “Natalie Wood: LA Police reopen actress’ death inquiry”



    1. 110. The 29th of November, however, will then again bring an event that will be broadcasted by the publication sectors of the people, even though it deals with an entirely natural incident.
      111. On this day in America, the actress Natalie Wood will be pulled dead from the sea, in which she will drown after being in a marriage dispute and in a drunken state.
      112. Again, after that, not much will arise of significance, until finally a point is reached in Poland which intensifies things. ,……….So what happened in Poland ?

  3. ^^^ wow definitely interesting that someone who were supposedly hoaxing ufo photos would be able to make up such information about an actress’s death and name the exact year.

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