Can’t You Make This…Easier?

Regarding: The verification of copyrights, etc.

I’m responding here to the fourth comment on my recent blog that referred to another remarkable confirmation of scientific information published by Billy Meier years before “official discovery”.

The person posting the response raises some points about the difficulty they have had in trying to verify copyright dates for Meier’s information. I’ll address the issues they raise and occasionally quote directly from their comments.

The Problem

“My biggest problem with Meier’s case, is that I’ve never been able to personally verify the copyright date of any of Meier’s material.

Any of it.”

How to Find the Answers

Well, since this seems to be the essence of the writer’s problem, I’ll do my best to respond as fully as I can. Starting with my home page, I have a SPECIAL EVIDENCE FOR OPEN MINDS SHOW page that has a link to this page where the copyright information is clearly displayed.

Let’s go to this page, also linked from my home page and from the PROPHECIES & PREDICTIONS section, specifically from HENOCH PROPHECIES, 9/11, TWO U.S. CIVIL WARS: 1987. In the section titled CONTACT PREDICTIONS CORROBORATED, there are a good number of specific predictions, dating from February 1975 to 1992, which reference the Contact Report and/or the book that they appeared in. All of the information up to and including the 115th Contact of October 19, 1978, is published in the Message from the Pleiades, Volumes 1 – 4, series, which are conveniently available as ebooks right here.

These ebooks are direct scans of the actual books as published by Wendelle Stevens…with their copyright dates clearly visible.

Further Confirmation

This easily verified, dated, copyrighted, published information comes into play again when Meier’s information about Mars is subsequently confirmed and in an article about sink holes. The greatest value of the Stevens translations may indeed be the fact that they contain this information and have verifiable copyright dates.

When we look at information from the Henoch Prophecies, we can note that while they were claimed to have been given to Meier in 1987 (with a first, smaller version actually given to him in 1981), there are a couple of ways to determine if they are authentic. For instance, I refer to information from them in my 2004 DVD, The Meier Contacts – The Key to Our Future Survival. Of course that DVD was in production by 2003. I think I first got the Henoch Prophecies, in German, in 2002.

So when we look at the information from Meier about Russian troop movements to Arkhangelsk and Canadian troops embarking on a “large-scale Arctic mission” the Henoch Prophecies seem chillingly prescient, if one cares to…think about it. In fact, there’s quite a bit more that we can see in those prophecies, as well as in Meier’s 1951 and 1958 letters, etc., etc. The, to me, obvious way to approach the information in those letters, and in any other of the prophecies and predictions for which there may not be a verifiable copyright date, is to simply pay attention to the ever present news.

Connecting the News to the Prophecies

While we may not have clear copyright dates for all of Meier’s material, we can usually find when they were first published in English online. Noting those specific things that occur after the publication dates will be helpful at the least, and probably conclusive at best for those who can…think. And certainly the Henoch Prophecies have been online and/or verifiably in English prior to the occurrence of a number of things in them. I unhesitatingly suggest that we shall be seeing more and more of such blatant confirmation of Meier’s information, which will only remain invisible and inaccessible to the proudly self-described skeptics and probably devotees and adherents to other religions (Skepticism being a religion)  even as things are coming down on our heads, hopefully more figuratively than literally.

Self-Responsibility Yields Results

Now, when the complaining writer says something about, “…and was only recently translated by some guy with a myspace blog”, I have to point out the irony of having “some anonymous guy” complaining about any such thing. The writer could contact the “anonymous guy” directly to get clued into the process, the source material, etc.

As for the writer’s efforts to find the actual source material, well, why don’t they go to Switzerland – where the contacts are actually still ongoing – and where they can view the German originals and get to the bottom of the matter for themselves? And hold that thought about all the costs, time, etc. I’ve managed…13 trips there because it was important enough to me to find the truth.

Of course, also because I and others already did all this work at our own expense, etc., people don’t really have to go there to find out if the case is authentic, as I hope one can already deduce from what I’ve presented above.

I’ll also offer a few words in response to, “Instead of ranting on about useless skeptics (which they probably are), why don’t you take the time you use to rant about these (relatively) useless topics, and clean up your Source trail? You’d be far, FAR, more believable if I could actually point to a book, with a title, author, WRITTEN IN GERMAN/SWISS, and a website with an official record of that book, dated to 1979, and be able to see that, in fact, all these wonderful online resources actually come from somewhere, and not simply someone’s fantasy world.”

I don’t consider any of these topics to be “useless”, even relatively. Considering that we’re speaking about the most abundant, specific, accurate source of prophetic information in human history, there’s hardly anything useless about one example after another being confirmed and corroborated right before our sleepy eyes. So with a little dedication and due diligence one should be able to see what is actually present in great amounts.

Laziness vs. Thinking

As far as the writer’s complaining, “…don’t expect your readers to memorize the existing prophecies word for word, so we can all corroborate events as they happened to the letter, that’s just unrealistic)”, while the poster may have the intention of helping, they are actually showing the all too prevalent tendency towards laziness and wanting everything to be served up without any actual research and thinking required. As I already pointed out, the information is already posted and they don’t have to “memorize” anything, just be reasonably aware and check the various prophecies when you notice certain things in the news.

Now I will agree that my site could be better organized…which is actually slowly underway at this time but it’s not like the information can’t be found. And it’s not like the authenticity of the information can’t be deduced, perceived, realized with some clear…thinking.

The Puzzle, the Picture, the Pieces…and YOU

Heck, don’t you appreciate a little challenge, a little adventure and some self-satisfaction in putting the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself, especially when we’ve given you the “picture on the box” and enough pieces to put the puzzle together? Please understand, it doesn’t even require that all the pieces be put together for a very clear picture to emerge. Well, that would be true for any logical, objective, individual who isn’t trying to force the truth to conform to their idiotic skeptical picture, the one where they already know everything there is to know and don’t want the facts to intrude upon them.

So should it indeed be the case that this is indeed true, accurate, authentic, etc. – which would make it the most important story in all of human history – the real question becomes, “What will you do about it?”

5 Replies to “Can’t You Make This…Easier?”

  1. Thank you kindly for replying. In public, in the proper spirit of the matter (in the interest of free information), no less.

    A couple of things I wanted to to address.

    Firstly, no one is perfect, and I’ll admit I may have a tendency towards laziness. I’d agree that is very prevalent, but I’d also argue that I am perhaps less lazy than some others who would not bother to take any time out of their day for something that couldn’t be immediately proven. Or, perhaps I’m merely attracted toward the subject matter (though I initially found your site through a phase of being interested in extra-terrestrial life, I have mostly ceased interest in such other sites, though, whether this is due to your site denouncing other such sites and my thoughtlessly following instructions, is as yet unclear). As such, I apologize for any personal short-comings I might have, and I’m certain much can be obtained by more personal interest in puzzles, etc..

    Never-the-less, having said that, there are a number of concerns of which I have been thinking about, since as you stress, thinking is important.

    There is no reason looking up copyright information should be that difficult. Its one date, attached to one title/name, and an author(s) and publisher (possibly a publishing house). There are plenty of puzzles in life (and in the meier case), I would say that I believe (maybe I am wrong) that important, integral information like this should be first and front-most in your case, at least in regards to prophetic accuracy (possibly a thought for the redesign of the website, which I would volunteer to help with, if I wasn’t also attempting to volunteer on half a dozen other things and not getting anywhere because I have too much on my plate, at least at the moment).

    While I much appreciate all the linkage provided (and its definitely worth something), as you seem to be acknowledging yourself, the only way to confirm German/Swiss copyright seems to be to start visiting Switzerland: “While we may not have clear copyright dates for all of Meier’s material, we can usually find when they were first published in English online.”, or buying all the content you conveniently happen to be selling (I understand the need to cover costs of distribution, I’m not asking you to open source all meier material, I was asking for a about a paragraph or two’s worth of information).

    Believe it or not, I have seen most of these resources before, and I have my reasons why I distrust them:

    Photos of documents do not constitute indisputable proof of copyright. I realize there might be some way of making sure a document that has been photographed is authentic, but I’m not an expert. I also realize the whole “its photo-shopped” argument is taking the easy way out, but a single photo hosted on the site purporting its originality…is not much in the way of “proof”. Arguments about photographic authenticity make a lot of sense 20-30 years ago, but not in this day and age.

    For obvious reasons, trusting the site selling translations by a man (Wendell Stevens) we do not know well…doesn’t seem to me to be that trustworthy either.

    At this point I will admit blatant negligence: I need to scour your site more thoroughly, and catalogue each and every book/link, check it for copyright, ensure that if it doesn’t have any, you are notified, etc…

    As you say, honestly, the real reason I have for believing what you have to say, is that I have read, a deal of the contacts available online, and seeing them corroborated to a degree. However, this is, in my mind, intellectually lazy on my part, so to go on this whole theme of laziness we have going, it is necessary to completely catalogue his (Meier’s) works, and make available to English readers, a repository of works cited, “official” records, etc. I have a small file (very little in it) but which I intend to work through what you have.

    Ideally I would see this:
    Billy Eduard Meier
    Works and Proofs of Work
    (English Title | German Title)
    English proof of copyright (certificate)|(image), url to government site, ISBN Number
    German/swiss proof of copyright (certificate)|(image), url to government site, ISBN Number

    Pipe dreams I suppose.

    I guess, if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Again, in the least patronizing tone possible, thank you!

    (I apologize if the post seems rather incoherent towards the end, I wanted to get something out for fear of forgetting later; though I had a number of other things I wanted to say/discuss, expect another post soon!)

    1. The copyrights in the books are verifiably authentic. I just sold five of these books to someone myself and I have a few others; all with the copyrights clearly visible. There’s no need to “trust” Stevens, his translations have been out there for decades and unless one actually as a substantiated REASON to doubt their existence, date, etc., it’s a waste of time to nit pick it.

      As for things being difficult that should be easier, etc., well, I’ve done the best I could with the time and resources available to me to put the information out there. And the beauty of it is that no one has to invest a fraction of the time and costs that I did to ascertain for themselves if this is authentic. But a little hard work can assure one of the facts for themselves.

      Truly, if most of us still had our wits about us and could sense the truth, let alone danger, we wouldn’t be doing the kind of nit picking that I refer to. If anything, we’d check a few more items out to see if they were accurate, or if Meier was a “one hit wonder”, a “lucky guesser”, etc. There’s SO much content freely available and easy enough to find with just a little bit of effort that I really can’t cut anyone much slack, anyone who says that they’re really serious about finding the truth.

      Now this is not any kind of an attack but it is a no nonsense challenge. While it would be nice, and maybe will be nicer if/when my site is updated, it’s best to act as if this was something of serious importance…simply because it not only may be but is.

  2. Quickly wanted to add that…although it certainly is ironic as you say that I’m “anonymous”…there are real reasons for wanting to be anonymous. Hence, I am “Preferred” anonymous, not anonymous so much by choice, as out of fear of damaging what little of a name I might ever have. I am in the process of contacting said “man with a blog” as well, I will chronicle whereabouts the missing post has gone, if and when I find it.



  3. What am I going do to about it? First off I’m going to correct a mistake. You think 1,100 Canadian troops in the Arctic is large? Americans have 21,506 active troops in Alaska. In the prophesies it states that Russia will attack Alaska, not Canada. No offence Michael, but please quit trying to spin this as caused by Canada when you know perfectly well who the real warmongers are. Canada will be caught up in it because they are part of the NATO pact which claims if there is an attack on one, there is an an attack on all.
    Next I’m going to send a link to this prophesy to our very own warmonger, defence minister Peter McKay. He’s too ensconced in the military and needs to back off and become neutral.

    1. It’s not that I think that 1,100 troops is large, that’s how the article put it.

      Also, Alaska IS part of the U.S. (hence could “justify” the number of troops there) and I certainly said nothing about Canada “causing” anything; whatever’s said is in the Henoch Prophecies.

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