Please, No More…UFO Petitions!

There’s now yet another UFO petition being circulated to “…demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP – the Rockefeller Initiative.”

As someone who’s been involved in the field of UFO research for 33 years, why would I ask people to not participate and/or support it? I do so simply because it’s a huge waste of time that will produce exactly the same results that the last one did. And because it is completely…irrelevant to the real, pressing concerns of the times.

I must once again point out to all the people who have this fascination with “disclosure about UFOs” that they can learn all they want, for free, about the Billy Meier case – the only authentic, still ongoing, UFO contact case – and which is truly the only thing of real substance that is being “covered up”. But rather than blame or petition the government, one can learn the truth and act on it…any time they wish.

But like the endlessly repeating scenario in the movie “Groundhog Day”, no matter how many times, no matter how loudly, sweetly, aggressively, kindly, etc., I point this out, the only thing that can be guaranteed is that the UFO disclosure people will not heed this advice – nor will they do the work necessary to grasp the truth.

Ongoing for 70 Years

Billy Meier is now in his 70th year of contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials and not one of the proponents of the silly, hysterical, completely useless and deservedly dismissed, “disclosure” participants bothered to acknowledge this elephant in the room with their last effort. Odds are that they still won’t and that the elephant will remain invisible to them. In other words, the so-called “UFO disclosure” groups refuse to disclose the Meier case even to themselves, let alone anyone else.

This is why I state that the “UFO community” is the most unscientific, delusional and least qualified of parties to deal with this issue. The ludicrousness and irony of this are beyond comedic invention, to be plain about it.

Looking for a Cure

Try this for a little comparison. Decades ago, people were looking for a cure for polio. Then along came Jonas Salk with his vaccine and, according to what we currently know, he eradicated the epidemic. Once that discovery happened, you didn’t have people clamoring for an end to polio, nor were they petitioning the government to “do something” to end it! We can only be grateful that the geniuses now carrying on hysterically about UFOs weren’t around then to distract and disinform people. Their stubborn refusal to recognize Dr. Salk’s breakthrough would have left no doubt that they were out of their minds of course.

Today the people making noise about disclosure simply perpetuate the marginalization of the entire UFO field, by diverting attention away from the only actual UFO contact case and its contents. They are hung up on chasing lights-in-the-sky and babbling on and on about things about which they have zero actual knowledge.

So What?

Most UFOs are secret terrestrial military craft, or natural phenomena, a very small percentage are extraterrestrial. Again, so what? I’ve had seven UFO sightings, the last on October 3, 2011, at 10:00 PM, when I was within…20’ of a small Plejaren craft in the mountains of Brazil.

So what?

Just what actual, useful, uniquely important content is derived by seeing UFOs…even when they’re ET in origin? Is there some actual, useful, uniquely important content derived by seeing…airplanes?

As long as people are ceding authority and personal power to outside authorities, like the governments, so-called leaders – real or imaginary extraterrestrials – etc., they will continue to bluster and make demands, which are absolutely rooted in their own irresponsible, egocentric, self-serving posturing and desires to be “important”.

And why would any intelligent person get involved in a petition that demands the government “tell the truth” about…anything? Just what is the track record of success for that? If the petitioners themselves don’t have that proof then, as I said before, they are setting themselves up for exactly the same outcome as the recent fiasco.

I guess if I was really cynical I’d say that those behind this new disclosure effort very well know that and are perhaps looking to create yet another book, TV show, etc., out of the whole mess, positioning themselves as some kind of experts, leaders, fighters against conspiracies and cover-ups, etc.

The antidote, the “vaccine” against this epidemic of willful stupidity is easily self-administered by anyone seeking to cure themselves. Once one opens their own eyes and chooses to see, they will find that the Meier case is indeed the most important story in all of human history, the value of which now seems to be intended more for future generations who will be – unlike the majority today – absolutely hungry for the truth.

This generation appears to have largely, and quite unfortunately, missed the opportunity.

A Better Idea                            

Now if you still find petitioning the government to be so important, then at least formulate your demands to address the Billy Meier UFO case, with its voluminous, irreproducible physical evidence and irrefutable, specific, prophetically accurate information. Point out that the chilling accuracy of Meier’s decades of environmental warnings, advance publication of scientific and astronomical information that preempted NASA by over 30 years and the disturbing recent confirmation of events concerning Russia, Canada and, ultimately the U.S. require that it be the focus of official investigation, as well as releasing any and all information compiled on it over several decades. (In case you really don’t know it, the CIA, among other organizations, has kept close tabs on Meier, and other principles, for more than 30 years.)

In other words, petition for something that’s actually important and relevant to our future survival. So if you petition for the truth at least this time you’ll already be in possession of the truth. Petition knowing that others have already done the hard work of gathering the evidence and making it freely and easily available to anyone who wants it.

The Truth

We are teetering on the very brink of huge changes, some which will be as sudden and forceful as they are unexpected. It will also soon become apparent that all of the nonsense, distraction and disinformation surrounding the whole UFO topic are little more than escapist entertainment at best. At worst there could be some sort of staged UFO event engineered to exert control over the population. If this occurs it will have been made possible in large part by the willingly uncritical and delusional tendencies of those who helped to perpetuate the UFO disinformation that originated (originally long ago) from intelligence sources. Those complicit will largely be associated with the so-called “UFO community” and the despicable “exopolitics” movement.

But the lesson connected to all of this has severe consequences. While this has all been fun and games – and a source of profit seeking and ego gratification – for many who’ve pursued it, it has come at the expense of the truth, of our desires and abilities to seek it and to…think. Please consider the following from the OM:

“The Earth human’s sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared. He has lost the inclination to seek the truth through his inherent power of thinking, searching and recognizing. Therefore he has turned to the erroneous form of thinking, that he will only accept as true that which he can touch with his hands and that which he can see with his eyes and that which he can hear with his ears. But this is the false, purely material way, which mocks and scorns any effort of self-thinking, self-feeling, self-searching, self-seeking and self-recognition for every solution and truth. Therefore through this, the way to the searching for the truth, and the finding of the truth, is not provided. And so, through the JHWH and the Prophet, no signs, or only sparse signs, should be given, that testify to the truth. The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power.” OM, Kanon 20:38

Let the thoughtful person consider everything in their lives in light of this admonition, all of their religions, politics, beliefs, etc. And let that include all of the unsubstantiated claims and demands from the various UFO groups, “disclosure” advocates, etc. who have wasted their, and everyone else’s, time…when they could have been pursuing and acknowledging the truth.

10 comments on “When Will the “UFO Community” Disclose the Billy Meier Case…to Itself?

  • I remember well, finding on the Internet one of Billy Meier’s photographs of a flying saucer – unbelievable I thought at the time of all the photographs I’d ever seen (and although haven’t seen that many) this was crystal clear and then I found some more of Billy’s photographs, I was astonished at the clarity of them and that is basically the story of how I came to know Billy and FIGU.

    To be quite frank the UFO “experts” have and are appealing to a lot of the public due to the fact that they provide information on UFO’s, Aliens and Abductions etc and that’s it – the public are not thinking why should they? They consider themselves too clever to think for themselves and the UFO experts just love it. For example my brother gave me a book “UFO- the complete SIGHTINGS catalogue” by Peter Brookesmith. Peter Brookesmith became editor of “The Unexplained” (published as Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time) He was also full- time consultant to the 12 volume Reader’s Digest series on paranormal phenomena and contributes regularly on UFO’in the Fortean Times.

    Peter Brookesmith portrays himself as a knowledgeable person in the UFO field and has obviously done some research for his book. With regards to Billy Meier on page 97 (chapter 5) he briefly mentions Billy as “the wild claims of Swiss Contactee Eduard “billy”Meier and that he has photographed the eye of God”

    Further statements are on Page 108 and 109 a paragraph CONTACT WITH THE PLEIADES.
    “Just after 2:00pm on 28 January, farmer Eduard “Billy” Meier was walking near his home when he observed a slivery, disk-shaped craft in the sky. He happened to have a camera about him and he took photographs of what he saw”.

    “Meier knew he had met a cosmonaut from the Pleiades a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, 430 light years from earth”.

    “In between January 1975 and April 1978.Meier met five Pleiadians – Semjase, Ptaah, Quetzal, Plaja and Asket in 105 encounters, took over 600 photographs of their five types of flying disks and wrote 3000 pages of notes on their conversations and general wisdom”.

    “By astronomical standards the Pleiades are young a mere 150 million years old, it’s 500 – odd stars are ferociously hot and burn out rapidly. In contrast, our Sun, a relatively cool, slow- burning yellow dwarf is some 4.49 billion years old and it was 2.5 billion years old before conditions on Earth were able to support even the most primitive forms of Life. The chances of any planet in the Pleiades is habitable are about Zero. The Lyrans’ preposterous claim is surprising in the light of their statement that they “3000 years ahead of us” in civilization and intelligence – although the excruciating banality of their “philosophical” utterances might make one think otherwise. Ground Saucer Watch’s report on their computer analysis of the Meier Photographs called them “hoaxes, both crude and grandiose”. So that’s it – the expert has spoken.

    In the beginning of my research in to what Billy and FIGU were saying I started to become more interested in the UFO topic and read and looked at various articles freely available on the internet after all this could be the most important event in our Human history a Prophet of the Age in our life time however not one word from the experts encouraged me to continue my research in to Billy Meier in fact the “experts” either never mention Billy Meier or if they do then they put him in the “Nut case” category with a brief, shallow reasons very similar to the example above.

    What Peter Brookesmith has written about Billy Meier is wrong and I have to say that based on his research of Billy Meier he isn’t a very good researcher, but in fairness I’m only a “bloke at a bus stop” and he the “expert”

    I haven’t looked into all the ridiculers, charlatans and blatant liars with regards to Billy Meier as well as Michael – why because up to now I couldn’t be bothered listening to the stupidity of their silence – waiting for a response would be like pulling Hens teeth, not only that I’m busy learning for myself what Billy Meier is saying to Humanity.

    It isn’t that I’m not taking a responsibility by not standing up and shouting to the world about Billy Meier I take responsibility by pointing out to people the website “They Fly” dot com and FIGU because they can explain things a lot better than I especially the years of experience they have dealing like Michael does with the Media etc.

    What we have to do is understand that if these people actually researched Billy Meier and openly, honestly distributed there findings then people would know the truth, but they don’t because they are fearful and genuinely frightened that they could face ridicule, loose there livelihoods etc so I would suggest that they do the research, quit there jobs and find a honest one knowing full well humanity has been helped by leaps and bounds – then you to could become like me “just a bloke at a bus stop”

    • I too want to be “just a bloke at a bus stop”. My story into the Meier case began similar to yours. I too watched the old Genesis films and I too saw the clear as daylight pictures of the beam-ships and the expert metals/sounds analysis- That was the initial hook for me- but the real peak of my interest came after reading (after 4 to 5 years now) thousands of pages about: Spirituality, truth, logic, love, evolution, etc. I clearly remember now, as an adult, one moment of epiphany while on the desert as I expressed to a perplexed colleague my desire and frustration to live a more spiritual life and to find the “truth” while contemplating the notion to walk away from all that which is “religious”. Ever since I’ve been 15 years old I have always been ready for the “truth”, instinctively and cognitively, I’ve always been searching for it, it’s no wonder I’ve recognized it when “it” found me. Just like finding the love of one’s life when least expected, instantly I recognized that wonderful beautiful “woman” of the truth when I ran into “her”. [Blessed be with love and cognition all of you who truly comprehends me my human brethren!]

    • An so, at first sight of the profound truth found in Billy’s spiritual writings, I approached with a sense of skepticism and disbelief. But gradually, after reading and deeply meditation on the validity of their concepts so wisely offered to humanity, and after years of intellectual and cognitive pain on my part into fathoming their significance and implications to humanity, they struck a deep cord within me which instantly resonated as true, pure, powerful, and unprecedented. I think that in part, I instinctively recognized the truth because my thoughts were already and generally aligned in its general direction for quite some time now. After many restless years of actively searching for the truth in in sources of theology, philosophy, science; and after voraciously consuming countless books which attempted to offer it, and after years of traveling the world on official missions for “the state” while keeping and “eye” for it in my free time… in Billy’s works of spirituality, logic, and truth, finally, it feels to me as if I’m only beginning to explore a refreshingly new, pure, and true country that’s strange and familiar at the same time.

  • I wonder if Dr. Steven Greer is actually making more money now than he was as an emergency room surgeon? Never the less, I find the thought of anyone demanding that our (what’s in it for me) government disclose anything truthful about anything to be a serious excercise in futility,after all “truthful government” is like “jumbo shrimp” a great definition of oxymoron!!!Once again Michael you’re affort and persistance is exceptional and much appreciated by those of us seeking the truth.

  • Wow Joe could`t have said better myself,I too am just a plain old bloke searching for the truth too. I`v spent years reading all of Bill
    y`s material andstuding the spiritua material stuff too,it`s the only real truth yo`ll ever find, anything else is just lies and inuendoes!

  • Wow, it’s so great to finally be led to this, the truth, something I have contemplated most of my life starting as a younger youth, it took me most of my life but i can actually say “eureka” this is it. Everything that I have read, contemplated, and thoughtfully assessed through logic and reason in the Meier info including the contact reports, Goblet of Truth, and all other smaller writings that have been published in English, ring a beautiful truth to me that only encourages me to keep seeking and learning and going forward. I cannot learn the German language quickly enough to be able to read and absorb what other treasures I will find in Meier’s writings before it is time for me to put it all to rest for my next earthly appearance. I am so grateful for every little thing that has led me to this and just even to be able to share a little bit of it every once in a while to someone (some fertile soil, so to speak) that I think will appreciate it is so very astounding to me cause it will change our humanity towards a better world for all in the future. It really is true that those who honestly seek do find, no matter how long it takes. In one of the 77 meditation points there is one that says “I feel within myself a great liveliness and a steady new awakening and ‘will be born'” and I can so connect with this one as it is so true within myself. I have never felt so alive! literally. I almost feel like I have awoken from a long sleep. Thank you to and for everyone who has made all this info possible to reach countless ones who are on this path and want to so much keep seeking further knowledge and wisdom. Happy evolving to all!

  • I really enjoy these true discoveries of joy and truth like julia’s. Very uplifting. Thanks for sharing that.

  • JUst read your blog about MUFON. There is one thing to tell MUFON. There is the old saying that states”Don`t shoot the Messenger”.You might want get MUFON to Think before they leep,not jump to such hidioous conclusions,seems to me they put the horse before the cart and are just looking for the wrong UFO(triangle) ships from the military if that is MUFON`s idea of chasing Lights in the Sky

  • It was around 2010 some of my friends and family wanted me to get baptized “just in case ” before it was to late and I maybe die ,get killed. Just before I was supposed to be baptized at a friends church,which I must say I didn’t believe in religion as it is because instinctively knew that religion as a whole is corrupted. Anyway I seen a ufo or I think I did and that is what sent me on a journey of surching for the truth of life. I must admit that many so called experts sounded good but I kept hearing about the Meier case being a hoax and when came upon a web site called fourwind or something like that. They mentioned billy as a sort of helper of some kind and how they needed to reward him. That is what got me thinking about finding out who this guy is. As I found out more of billy and his teachings and contacts. I realized that a lot of people are stealing his contacts and spirit teaching as theirs. I could recognize many contact conversations in other so called contactees have been originally from billys work. This is just a short version of my search of discovery for truth. It wasn’t until I came upon billys work did my urge of truth finally been fulfilled and I’m still learning and I must admit that being saved and going to heaven would’ve been a lot easier. But I wouldn’t trade truth for fantasy anytime.my search was long and informative because along the way I also learned many interesting and bothersome facts at the reality of human behavior and the lengths or not people go to get what they want or not want.sorry I’m just a bloke .not a writer. M.H. Your the man!

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