It was at the time when the ancient prophecies began to fulfill themselves, when the upheavals started, that people were especially fascinated with UFOs. Of course not everything that was seen in the sky was an object of extraterrestrial origin as most thought and hoped they would be.

And most didn’t know at all that at the heart of the matter was a mission that began thousands of years ago on Earth. This mission would span many, many thousands of years and was intended to help set right the disastrous course that humanity had embarked upon, aided by very advanced, powerful, space-traveling human beings who portrayed themselves to the primitive earth peoples as gods, as the creators of all life and everything in it.

The Spiritual Teaching

In accordance with the immutable laws of cause and effect, the consequences of the actions by the misguided, might hungry and megalomaniacal “gods” would wreak havoc that would, one day, have to be set right again.

As has always been the case in the past, the prophet for the new time once again brings forth the spiritual teaching, the same eternally true teaching of Creation as the six previous prophets before him.

There are no beliefs, rituals, rites or superstitions to be found. There’s nothing and no one to worship or fear, for the spiritual teaching is not a religion, nor any kind of a sect or cult. And so the teaching of truth, of life and of the spirit calls for complete self-responsibility, by each and every human being, for everything that they think, feel and do in their own lives.

The teaching directs us to carefully, dispassionately observe every single thought, the feelings that arise from them and every ensuing impulse to action. Through this neutral observation we come to know the nature of all influences and from whence they arise within in us.

Rather than simply applying palliative positive thinking, which glosses over the situation in need of remedy and causal correction, through neutral-positive thinking, we first see things as they really are, so as to see the reality and the truth out of the reality, accurately assess them and then effect the necessary correction at its deepest source.

We thereby become more fully conscious of that which may otherwise slip by unnoticed, as the seminal causes, or the continuation, of undesired consequences in our lives. Through conscious awareness of our thoughts, and our feelings arising from them we can take deliberate, preemptive and/or corrective action, altering our course to a more positive one. Thus, through neutral-positive thinking, we consciously create the proper causes, which lead to the preferred effects, all according to the immutable laws of cause and effect.


Many thousands of years ago, the prophet Henoch foretold, in precise detail, many catastrophic events that would befall the world of the future – our world today – if humankind failed to heed the warnings to correct the evil and ignorant course it had chosen for itself. Subsequently the prophets known as of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jmmanuel and Mohammed appeared, each of whom reiterated the warnings and delivered the same spiritual teaching in their own way. Still, through the misleading influences of religions and sects humanity was led astray and became deaf, dumb and blind to the way-showers and their efforts. The prophets were persecuted; the teaching corrupted each time to serve power hungry religions and sects and their leaders, in their singular goal of building power and control over the people.

Henoch, like all of the prophets who succeeded him, deeply understood, and could correctly apply his knowledge of, the immutable laws of cause and effect.

Through this knowledge the prophets could foresee, in precise detail, the unfoldment and manifestation of the consequences of the uncorrected manmade causes. These causes, the carelessly created thoughts, unfettered feelings and impulsive actions of human beings, absent conscious self-awareness and without regard for the consequences, poured forth over millennia, aided and abetted by religions and sects that taught that immunity and absolution from the consequences of one’s own actions could be purchased from them for a price, and could be effected by repeating the magic words the delusional leaders created, taught and sold, all so that they could attain and maintain power over the masses.

But the “teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit and the teaching of life”, namely the spiritual teaching that the prophets brought, again and again, stood in stark contrast to the religious and sectarian lies, bringing forth the clear harsh truthful reality of self-responsibility, though few would welcome or willingly receive it. Nonetheless, as the darkness does not disappear if we just close our eyes to it, all that was to be gained was the temporary staving off of the truth and its consequences, as well as the inevitable compounding of every undesired effect brought about by its denial.

The Final Prophet

And so, as it was also long foretold, a seventh and final prophet would come to Earth during the beginning of the new time, once again to announce the truth and issue the final warnings, before the prophecies and predictions would otherwise unfailingly be fulfilled.

His name is Eduard Albert Meier and he is commonly known as Billy Meier, or BEAM.

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  • Great piece of work Michael. The problem is that people deep in down want some kind of change, but they are afraid to admit it and are scared to go out and accomplished it. Plus, there is not enough people who care about what is going on.

    If this world is to truly change and the governments come forth to the people they have leadership over, the leaders must tell the truth and stop being selfish. All I know is that the United States will be the very last country in the world to do this.

  • Hands down invisible frown, no jokers incite within miles of this town . Money talks people walk , goodbye y’all. I know my find. Gotta roll with the things in mind. On slaught better known as the the fodder I fought.Battles slaught. Done with the personal fodder.

    Somebody please jaw with David . Bust his chops , his mindset ,his flora .anyone ?

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