Of course it was all of Billy Meier’s amazing UFO evidence, the photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples, etc., that created a huge controversy. While Meier was relentlessly accused of presenting photos that were “too good to be true”, or that skeptics believed just had to be some kind of models, the subject of UFOs became more widely discussed. Though no hoax was ever shown to have been perpetrated by Meier, and no comparable evidence was ever brought forth, the world was flooded with an endless supply of questionable individuals making claims of contact with all sorts of so-called extraterrestrials.

A new phenomenon was born in the form of the delusional claims of “alien abduction”, even to the extent of people claiming that women on earth were impregnated by evil aliens and forced to carry and bear so-called “hybrid children”. An entire industry formed around the UFO phenomenon, with various individuals and groups appointing themselves as “experts” in a field that had virtually no scientifically based standards. Nor could any of these experts rely on anything more than either anecdotal stories, or second hand evidence of admittedly unidentified and therefore unknown objects. Dubious forms of hypnotic regression were employed to confirm the abduction experiences, though there was no scientific basis, or empirical evidence, to support the accuracy of the methods or the supposed memories.

In the middle of the 20th century, various organizations arose, such as MUFON, which were supposedly created in order to pursue the truth about UFOs. They developed various groups and branches, along with seemingly serious protocols and forms for reporting sightings of unknown objects. They quickly became little more than a focal point for people chasing lights in the sky and have resulted in absolutely zero useful evidence of any actual extraterrestrial connections, especially since they deliberately avoided any serious investigation into the Meier case.

With growing interest in the UFO phenomenon and increasing numbers of people who were convincing themselves that they had either seen something of significance or, succumbing to irrationality and delusion, believed that they were being contacted, or abducted by all sorts of “evil aliens”, other groups appeared that were more than happy to accommodate the delusional and make their contribution to the growing disinformation industry.

Groups such as “exopolitics” spread out in various places, with its dubious leaders uninhibitedly proclaiming that there was a huge “extraterrestrial presence”, with “millions of contactees” and women who had been forced to bear “hybrid babies”.

With no shortage of willingly gullible, uncritically thinking people, many of who spent increasing amounts of time lost in fantasies, games and ubiquitous online sites devoted to all things “alien”, the contactee and abduction craze grew into a small epidemic, with its sufferers never once pondering just why advanced, space traveling beings would traverse the depths of the universe simply to probe their body cavities, or provide them with repetitive, puerile “information”, supposedly channeled into them while in some form of trance.

Conferences, expos and forums of all sorts appeared, hosting presentations that had one thing in common, i.e. most of them were devoid of any substance, led only in circles and to dead-ends and failed to put even one piece of actual evidence of extraterrestrial contact on the table…with the exception of the Billy Meier case, when it was presented.

What most of the interested parties – including the self-styled experts – didn’t know or take into account was that the majority of all sightings of actual physical UFOs were actually observations of advanced, highly secret, terrestrial craft, originating mainly in the U.S., Russia, China, Canada and South America. These craft, which have actually been in development since the 1920s in some places, are sufficiently advanced beyond even the best conventional aircraft as to appear to be of otherworldly development…as they are intended to appear.

The various governments, military, intelligence services, etc., are also not only the major source of disinformation about UFOs and extraterrestrials, they benefit from the gullible and profit seeking UFO community that willingly perpetuates the disinformation.

Uncritical observers of seemingly on-demand evening light shows performed by UFOs convinced themselves that extraterrestrials really had nothing better to do than entertain them on a nightly basis, despite clear indications that what was captivating their attention were secret military craft conducting operations that could ultimately lead to a well orchestrated fake ET attack. While they don’t have the actual capabilities of the Plejaren beamships, or those of the few other actual extraterrestrial races that have occasionally been sighted, some of them are similar enough in appearance to lead those who see them to conclude that they must in fact be of extraterrestrial origin.

A conspiratorial rumor mill soon churned out tales of how the so-called “Greys” had made secret treaties with the U.S government, of all parties, to provide it with advanced technologies in exchange for “permission” to float people through walls, abduct and implant them with all sorts of devices. None of the gullible people ever bothered to contemplate that any so-called “aliens”, who were capable of such other worldly kidnappings and nefarious activities, would even need anyone’s permission to conduct such experiments.

And they never asked themselves why such aliens, themselves apparently bent on exploiting and dominating unsuspecting earthlings, would want to assist a government that already had a track record of conducting more than 200+ unprovoked acts of aggression, wars, bombings, overthrows of democratically elected government, etc. Why would these presumably domination-oriented aliens want to give advanced military technology to their potential competitors for world domination? Why give the U.S., or any government, technology that could ultimately be used against them in a future conflict?

The people who’ve campaigned to draw attention to the “UFO cover-up” and to force the government into so-called disclosure, wrongly assume that what is being covered up is some, actually imaginary, “extraterrestrial presence”, such as is claimed by “exopolitics”. This idea is promoted by delusional wannabes who deliberately not only shy away from the Meier case but who energetically avoid, and do everything in their power to direct people away from, it. To do otherwise is to effectively go out of business.

In fact, the real cover-up consists of two elements. One, as mentioned, is the terrestrial nature of the majority of so-called UFOs and the other, the real cover-up, is now solely about Billy Meier and his contacts. While there have been events like Roswell, and crashes and sightings of other extraterrestrial craft, no hard evidence remains to prove the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Should the existence of extraterrestrials be acknowledged, the officials believe that widespread panic, psychosis and violence would occur because of the (accurate) perception that they would be powerless to constrain or control the visitors. The religions, sects, cults, etc., know that they too would likewise lose their control, as fundamentalist fears of imaginary “devils and demons” – now seemingly made manifest – would also lead to mass hysteria, suicides, etc.

Those who perpetuate, and profit from, the disinformation and distraction generated around the UFO subject know full well that to allow, let alone assist, the Meier case to get full, open worldwide exposure and examination is to effectively contribute to the loss of their own positions of power and profit. This includes the various official parties, as well as the UFO community.

Therefore, all efforts to get official acknowledgement about UFOs of extraterrestrial origin is doomed to failure, since it runs counter to the perceived vested interests of the powers that be. One can be sure that any kind of acknowledgement – or fake ET attack – would be part of a solely terrestrial agenda to further control the population.

So long as people are still looking for outside authorities to guide, or be responsible for, their lives they will be subject to being controlled by them. The core teaching in the Meier case is about taking complete self-responsibility for every aspect of one’s life. In this way, using logic, reasoning and critical thinking, one can also see through the false claims, disinformation and illusions generated around, and pertaining to, the entire UFO topic.

This same approach of course also allows one to determine the authenticity and truthfulness of the Meier case itself – requiring no outside authority, government, religion, sect, etc. – and which can easily be done because of the voluminous amount of evidence and information freely posted online.

Then, once one is relieved of their illusions, and the imaginary and false information about UFOs and extraterrestrials, they can consider the actual reason for Billy Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren, which is contained in the spiritual teaching and the prophetic and predictive information. Clearly, the UFOs, the ships they came in, and even the extraterrestrials themselves, are the least important parts of the equation.


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