BREAKING: IIG Skeptics Retract ANOTHER Claim against Meier Case!

NOTE: Please see the UPDATE below*

On November 20, 2011, I received the following information in an email from Jack Sarlo, pertaining to his correspondence with someone named Ivan Alvarado, who is affiliated with IIG. I have waited to post the information, since Ivan indicated that IIG would update (correct) their information.

They have not done so to date, so I am including their admission, which effectively retracts IIG’s claim. Additionally, I am including links to the Preliminary Investigation Report – a book they somehow failed to research – that clearly states, on pages 424 and 425, that Marcel Vogel also used x-ray diffraction and spectrographic analysis in determining the composition of the metal samples.

A downloadable copy of the book is available here.



You’re saying on your website:

that a scanning electron microscope cannot reveal the chemical composition of a metal sample.

Yet a description of a scanning electron microscope reveals that it’s actually possible to know the chemical composition. See wiki:

Or read quotes from those two pages:

“A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that images a sample by scanning it with a high-energy beam of electrons in a raster scan pattern. The electrons interact with the atoms that make up the sample producing signals that contain information about the sample’s surface topography, composition, and other properties such as electrical conductivity.”

“reveal information about the sample including external morphology (texture), chemical composition, and crystalline structure and orientation of materials making up the sample”

Apparently the technique to identify the chemical composition is not my magnification technique.

Thanks for nice investigation work just wanted to let you know what I found.



-This is the reply from Ivan Alvarado –

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your email. You are correct in pointing out that a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) can identify elements in a sample. This is done qualitatively by using Back-Scattered Electron Imaging and quantitatively through X-Ray Energy Dispersion Spectroscopy, both done with SEM.

The IIG Steering Committee has asked me to review this section of our Billy Meier Case Investigation. We will update this section accordingly.

Thank you again,

Ivan Alvarado


There was a  previous retraction from Derek Bartholomaus, who was the IIG case investigator for IIG. Also worth noting is that the so-called “deconstruction” of the Aket and Nera photographs has itself been deconstructed.

And most impressively, not only has the IIG attempted debunking of Billy Meier’s Jupiter-Io information been shown to be completely inaccurate, the skeptic who did the research for IIG published information that actually confirmed Meier’s accuracy and preemptive publication of this critical information, which itself substantiates Meier’s claims of extraterrestrial contact.


*UPDATE: Perhaps coincidentally, just a few hours after posting the above information I received the following correspondence from Mahigitam. It shows that Derek Bartholomaus was made aware of the incorrect assertions by his group, IIG, months ago. He neither responded to Mahigitam, nor corrected the erroneous information. Such is the level of integrity of the skeptics, whose overriding concerns have been to try to discredit the Billy Meier case…instead of to just find, and come to terms with, the truth.

Hello.I am the Lead Investigator into the Billy Meier UFO Case for the Independent Investigations Group.  I received word that you wished to contact me.  What can I do for you?

Derek Bartholomaus
From: karumudi mahesh chowdary <>
Date: Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 10:36 PM
To: Derek Bartholomaus <>


I have been investigating Billy Meier case myself. The IIGWEST website provided some informative data.
Why i am writing to you sir, is that in one of the pages on “Dinosaur Photo Deconstruction“ says,
We are not certain where Meier first published his photograph of a dinosaur, but it has never been denied as being an authentic Meier photograph by Meier or any of his proponents.

Regarding this i found some information which clarifies the matter, which has been online since 2005 and recently been translated into english and available here.

The essense of the information in the page is that, “Billy Meier never claimed the dinosaur photo as his, since 1975”.

Secondly, in the page, “Metal Analysis Deconstruction”.. it says
..Marcel Vogel detected the rare-Earth element Thulium using the scanning electron microscope

But in “UFO Contact From The Pleiades – A Preliminary Investigative Report” – Wendelle Stevens – Billy Meier Case(1982), pg 424 says:

“Looking at the piece by x-ray diffraction, for elemental analysis, he found a single element deposit of Thulium..Rhenium..another rare metal.”

I added the page 424 as an attachment.

Hope you make corrections.


Page 424 from "UFO Contact From The Pleiades - A Preliminary Investigative Report" - Wendelle Stevens - Billy Meier Case (1982), "Looking at the piece by x-ray diffraction, for elemental analysis, he found a single element deposit of Thulium..Rhenium..another rare metal."


7 Replies to “BREAKING: IIG Skeptics Retract ANOTHER Claim against Meier Case!”

  1. Of all the evidence presented in the Meier case, there are two things that still bother me, and they are these: Semjase told Billy that love is truth and love cannot be clothed in words. If that is true, then logically, the truth cannot be clothed in words either. This means that according to the Plejaren, every word, be it written or spoken is not capable of containing any real truth, including all that Billy has written and all that the Plejaren told him. This anomaly naturally suggests that the reason the Plejaren speak in a picture language is to avoid as much untruth as possible. Fully understandable, however, it does not help their case regarding humans who still speak and write in words, namely us, if the Plejaren chose to come here and communicate a message in words. This, if known at the time by the Plejaren would logically suggest an alterior motive for the contacts that they chose to keep secret. Additionally, according to Billy, the oscillations of the Plejaren beamships are very dangerous to humans and animals in that they create a state of confusion that can last a person’s (or animal’s) entire lifetime. This is disconcerting to say the least that there are a bunch of people running around the cosmos willy nilly hurting humans and animals without concern. It is difficult for me to wrap my head around that because the Plejaren talk a great deal about respecting the dignity of all life. Yet like so many of us, they do not necessarily practice what they preach, which is of course what Billy told them to their face in one of the contacts. I’m not sure what number it was, but I think it was the one where Billy wants to end the contacts so he tells Quetzal, Ptahh and Jase to go to hell. I know my comment in no way debunks the Meier case, because quite frankly I’m convinced that it really happened. My main concern is that there is a tendency in us on this planet to either reject or accept something fully based on merely a cursory examination. If we dig a little deeper into Meier’s story, we discover that to a great extent, the spiritual teachings that were given to the core group did little if anything to create a peaceful existence for the people at the SSSC, which suggests that the Plejaren might have to assume some future level of responsibility with regards to the dignity of the lives that they have forever altered in their coming to this planet.

    1. I think that many of the conclusions you are drawing are inaccurate, including characterizing the Plejaren as only speaking to Meier in a picture language (they speak, orally, in German), carelessly damaging people and animals (they’ve actually taken great care to not cause harm and, in the real world, accidents happen), assuming that the spiritual teaching was intended to guarantee that human beings with free will would only behave in certain ways, etc.

  2. 1.the plejarens say that God does not exist,how could they know that? i mean did they reach the end of universe(of existance)? i think not because they still discover other planets or places in universe as they said themselves that means they simply did not.
    2.the plejarens say that human beings reincarnate after death and live again in another human body to get as much knowledge that is not possible to get just for one life…my question is would it be useful for humans to reincarnate and live again as long as they will not remember their former life? why reincarnate as we humans shall start from beginning to get knowledge? we humans need to remember what we learned in order to continue developing in our next lives…!!!
    3.If plejarens could travel in time why they still die in accidents where their spaceship fall into sun…i mean why could not they go back in time and warn the killed people about their near future deadly accident?

    1. Hello Truth Seeker, I hope you are well. I shall attempt to answer.
      My seedling understanding so far:
      1. The Plejaren do not have to go to the end of the universe/existence, as you put it, as I believe they went back to the beginning to see how Creation first began. Define “God”. The Plejaren say God does not exist because “God” as depicted on this scrambled planet is some man sat up on a cloud looking down and watching, taking notes and getting ready to judge your whole existence.
      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” – Epicurus
      When actually, to me, their explanation of Creation resonates far more truth than any story I’ve yet to hear (currently 34 years old). Not trying to convince you one way or the other, as I can only go with what resonates with me and stirs a type of knowing/understanding. Cannot articulate this feeling enough to convey the true core of it, so apologies if it comes off as basic when reading this. May I suggest, with love, that you read their explanation of their experience when they went back and had a look at how this existence was created. See if it stirs any understanding for you. As to see something created would allow you to know who/what The Creator was. I think? So the end of the universe is not a necessary location to go to…but the beginning. Plus I think that if we’re (the whole universal existence) ever expanding, is there an “end/edge” so to speak? Oh my brains starting to hurt so apologies if yours does too haha.

      2. As I understand, from the drop in the ocean I have read so far, we do have the key within us to unlock that knowledge.

      3. I think then that would just create a circular existence(?? No idea where that term came from but there ya go), where either they spend their time travelling back to warn/save people. Nobody is free thinking, conciously evolving and doing what we are created for…that would create a whole species just circling back in time and therefore having their mind on the job…and not where it should be.
      Salome my friend.
      I hope that helps and if my understanding is way off, feel free to bin and not post.

      1. Also to add to number 2. I think those of us that feel older than our years, and are, at times, labelled wise by their friends/peers, are basic examples of holding onto true knowledge we learnt from previous lives.
        Salome my friend

    2. Just to add;

      “1.the plejarens say that God does not exist,how could they know that?”

      The Plejaren are also, in various ways, in contact with both half spiritual and purely spiritual beings. Beings that are one with the Creation. So certain information regarding such things could be passed to them.

      2. Reincarnation.

      It should first be noted that only our spirit-form reincarnates and processes/accumulates wisdom. Memories and wisdom are not the same thing. Memories are only neccessary for the currant material life. A perceptual anchor point? Right, the way I see it, human beings have the ability to gain wisdom from knowledge and experience. The gaining of wisdom is an evolutive process, a process made possible by causality. Causality governs the entire workings of the universe and everything in it. If we were to live one life and then cease to exist (to be entirely reduced to nothingness), that would violate the law of causality. If reincarnation was not a reality, our lives would be absolutely without purpose, in terms of how our universe works. The simplest way I can put it is that, having the ability to causaly, evolutively gain wisdom, for no reason, would be a paradox in the framework of our universe. If we only lived one life we would not need the ability to gain wisdom. The fact that we do have this ability tells us that we have a continuing purpose. It’s difficult to write down.

      “3.If plejarens could travel in time why they still die in accidents”

      Accidents are extremely rare for the Plejaren. Travelling back in time to prevent them would violate creational laws. Please see CR142, line 94 for Billys explanations. The accident would be like a small link in a chain of causality driven sequence of events that leads up to the instant of the accident itself. That sequence of events extends back to the birth of space and time itself. But really it is quite beyond me!

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