I Couldn’t Have Said It any Better

I recently posted a new article about The Silent Revolution of Truth now being online with two other films that are primarily about UFOs.

Below I have reproduced a post from the FIGU online forum, by Tony_q., regarding how the Billy Meier evidence was deliberately presented so as to provoke interest and controversy without giving people more than they could handle. He speaks about the possible, very destructive, consequences that could have otherwise occurred…even though many people assume that they would welcome such overt, incontrovertible proof of extraterrestrial contact.

The painful fact is that many in the “UFO community” have been quite brutal towards the designated intermediary for the Plejaren extraterrestrials, showing how unready even those who presume themselves to be the “most qualified” actually are.

The real truth about the contacts shows how fraught with danger Meier’s task has been, which is also unrecognized by those think that it’s either some kind of a “hoax”, or just another bit of “entertainment”.

Now, from Tony_q.:

“Hi Eduardo, my thinking on this is that the evidence was given in a very specific way for a very specific reason. It was always stated that the Plejaran would never ‘land on the white house lawn’. This type of in your face evidence would forcibly change peoples world view and conceptions of life the universe and everything and is a course of action which is denied for that very reason.

Billy’s evidence is a perfect example of how to introduce concepts to people who are ready for it and bypass those who cannot or will not accept them. To have filmed Billy in the act of actually firing a laser gun and burning a hole in the tree is equivalent to the other forcible type of interference in a culture, this film if it had been taken would have been absolutely impossible to fake in the circumstances surrounding Billy at the time.

The same goes for your other suggestions such as Billy walking up to a 21 meter craft and touching it, there is no way this could be anything other than real and any evidence like this given to the public would have had many negative consequences. Billy’s real mission was to bring the true teachings of creation back to the earth. There isn’t a hope in hell as the saying goes of Billy being able to accomplish anything at all had something like this been released to the public. As we know from the contact notes even with the evidence Billy provided he was bombarded by people from all over the world calling to his house on a daily basis, can you imagine what would have happened if he had provided the evidence you suggested?

Billy would have had to go into hiding at the very least. He may have been taken by the military/government, every nut case in the world would show up at his door step. The message he was gently trying to spread into human consciousness over a period of hundreds of years would be forced onto a human population unable to process it and could cause the collapse of society as we know it. The result of this if it happened is unknown but you can imagine it wouldn’t be pretty.

For me the way the evidence actually was presented is itself proof enough of an incredible advanced intellect involved in the process. Every picture taken in a precise way so as to give an out for anyone who can’t accept what they are seeing, every piece of hard evidence also given in a way that taken at a cursory glance can appear as something else mundane etc.

All of the evidence though if analysed and cogitated on provides ample proof of extraterrestrial involvement for those willing to put in the time and effort into it.

In my mind there was no other way to do this, to keep the idea of extraterrestrial life in the public eye for decades while not forcing the reality onto people, to introduce those ready for spiritual change to the information and to give Billy the time to complete his mission of writing down the most important teachings in mankind’s history. I think it was masterfully done and it’s still being done right now.

Amazing. :)”



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  1. Despite the decades-long stack of compelling evidence presented by Meier, people still demand more “proof.” When faced with reality, shortsighted zealots are incapable of acting accordingly, whereas reasonable, honest human beings will try and verify the evidence at hand. I guess most people fall in the first category.

  2. Another, good planning I say. A good play. I assume when you go to worlds, you have to investigate what the safest possible route would be. See, this is why Eduardo is awesome.^^

    1. Bill, but when did calling a spade, a spade become offensive? Are you an American by chance? The only place I know of where you can sue for hurt feelings. I can almost guarantee that there has been no complaints by the mentally ill on Michael’s use of the word. The truth is harsh and not politically correct, you better get used to that.

      1. Bottom-line is its offensive, disgraceful in fact, whether you chose to like it or not. One has to be sensitive and respectful in this matter. You better not be forgetting about such things. Otherwise you have no real footing for talking about anything else. (Be they important or not.)

        And as far as I can see Michael didn’t write this section. (Did you even read this article at all?) Also it is a matter of taste, not just about being p.c. Its not in good taste to use such an expression, again no matter what the context may be.

        Btw, article is FAKE sounding, for some reason that’s hard to pin down exactly why.

        1. It looks like it was written by TONY QUINN- hes on facebook and lives in ireland were “nutcase” is common language ..if we let words hurt us how can we face whats coming ?

          1. The article is not fake Bill it was written by me ,thanks Paul. I’ve never checked the comment on this before now. It’s amazing that some people can read this and the only thing they can get from it is hurt feelings from the use of the word nut case. Nut case is used a lot in Ireland, the mentally ill don’t seem to mind as it is only directed at people with full mental faculties that are extremely annoying. We don’t verbally abuse the mentally ill in Ireland, if this happens a lot where you are I suggest you bring it up with the authorities.

  3. You probably get this alot: why no photos of the Contactors or the insides of the saucers he rode in? Why is the ‘woman’ holding the ray-gun mostly hidden; her hand looks like just any woman’s hand. The narrator makes the point that the ‘gun’ is not any kind of toy-gun they could find; this begs the question of home-fabrication. A skilled wood or metal-smith could make one of those in a couple of hours.

    And really, showing him fire the gun would be just fine as evidence without the ‘in your face’ consequences that Horn describes.

  4. just sharing and did not know where else on this site…..Just a heads up in case you had not noticed…..two heads of state died. Starting Saturday Kim Jong ll and now reported today Vaclav Havel.

    Perhaps this would be a good time to keep an eye open?

    Best Regards

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